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SLC Dunk - Reader Polls

January Review, February Preview and Poll

How well do you think the Jazz did last month? How well do you think they'll do this month?

40 at 40 Part 19: How many games do the Jazz win?

The 2013-2014 Utah Jazz season has 40 games left in it, over 86 days, starting tonight. Some of the teams are tanking, some are going for it. How will the team do?

Poll: Who won the Utah / Minnesota Trade?

The Jazz moved up on Draft night with the #14 and #21 picks for the #9 pick which was owned by the Timberwolves. Who won?

A look at the Jazz 5 game road trip + poll

The Jazz face some familiar faces in this 5 game road trip: @MIA, @ORL, @ATL, @CHA, and @MEM. How many games do we win?

Who is better, Player A, B, or C?

A fun game for the whole family!

User poll: Who is playing better out of these two?


Poll: Does Gordon get extended, or not?

Would you be upset if Alec turns into Blue?

What happens first: cuts, PG signing, or Hayward $

2013 Jazz Preview Poll: Who starts at Center?

2013 Jazz Preview Poll: Who starts at Power Fwd?

2013 Jazz Preview Poll: Who starts at Small Fwd?

2013 Jazz Preview Poll: Who starts at Shooting G?

2013 Jazz Preview Poll: Who starts at Point G?

With 11 free agents leaving Jazz, who is winning?

The Jazz look to lose 11 guys from last year . . . who is winning this off-season?

PG History & how many MPG should Trey Burke Play?

Have your say!

Are the '13-14 Jazz Tanking? Didnt they in '12-13?

Why do team tank? Which teams are reported to be tanking this year? Is Utah among them? How true is this? And what is the definition of a tank . . . and did we not tank last year?

Whose numbers impressed you most in Orlando?

This is not the eyeball test. This is the numbers test. And there is no curve on this grade.

Who impressed you the most in Orlando?

Using just the eye-ball test . . . who impressed you the most in Orlando this year?

UTA/GSW/DEN deal is done, but who won?


Poll: When should we bring Neto over?

Click it to win it.

Results from the Jazz fan vote

Who do Jazz fans not want to see when draft picks are announced tonight?

Who do you not want drafted tonight by the Jazz

Let the hate flow through you. Strike down all those who you don't want to see drafted by the Jazz tonight.

Looking back at 14, 21, 46 & your draft strategy

Take a look at what the Jazz have done and are capable of doing. Take a look at what we usually get at these spots. And figure out what your strategy is if you were the Utah Jazz GM.

Poll: What should we do with Free Agent Big Al?

There are rumors that we'll just let him walk . . . is that the right thing to do?

NBA Finals Predictions Thread

Let's get this going!

Predict what happens toinght in HOU@LAL / UTA@MEM

Pick and chose the outcome for tonight!

Quick Poll: 1st round opponent, OKC or SAS?

Who would you rather face in the first round?

Poll: Who would you rather face in 1st rnd?

The Spurs or the Thunder?

Schedule: March review, April preview + Poll

Jazz are hungry right now, and have 4 wins in a row. How will the Jazz finish?

Tomic and Barca Regal split, available for Jazz

Ante Tomic and Barca Regal call it quits, Tomic reported to be interested in joining Jazz. DL comments on Orlando Summer League.

Quick Poll: Does MWP inj open playoff door for us?

Well, does it?