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Nets Deron Williams cold shooting is the revenge dish he wishes not to serve to former team Utah Jazz

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Hey, I'm a doctor, not a very good writer.


The Brooklyn Nets put a lot of money up on the table to retain superstar point guard Deron Williams. I still like Deron Williams as a player, when motivated. We know he can win games for you. Against the team that drafted him though, he seems to be losing games now. This is due to his revenge game motivated shooting. He's just not killing us, and we have a history of getting killed by powerful guards.



31.3 fg% (he actually increased it from the high 20's with his shooting last game), and 14.3 3pt% isn't getting it done. He's still scoring, but his PPS (points per shot) value tells the whole story. These are not Deron Williams numbers. Maybe he really did love us after all, and can't consciously hurt us anymore than we hurt him?