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Utah Jazz Statistics 2012-2013: Looking at each of our players' career numbers against this year in GO and the all new eGO Rating!

eGO is new. It's effective Gestalt Offense. It's not based on actual values, but based on per minute values. So, this is more evocative of what some of us fans, and some players, think they may be capable of if given more playing time. I don't know how true that actually is, but it's fun to see as evaluating players with low minute totals is hard.

Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

Jumping the gun here, but wanted to get all the Go Rating stuff out of the way today . . . here is our entire roster, and their current experience levels. We also see their career GO Rating, their GO Rating in a Jazz uniform, *and* their GO Rating for this season so far. Furthermore, there's also the eGO rating as well for this season.


Perhaps this is a better way to look at things? We're clearly a team made up of no single star, a handful of second and third options posing as first and second options, and a number of replacement level players. I guess this brings me back to the point that our team needs a star. And that stars are had via the draft, trades, and free agency. Stars are not likely to arrive here as free agents, and rarely are traded unless to an attractive team. We're not right now. Hence, the only option left to us is to develop a star from a draft pick.

Which brings us back to why developing your draft picks slowly helps make us a mediocre, second tier (or lower) team. Unless, of course, we wait for "the Big one" to hit the San Andreas fault line, and global warming to heat up, so that SLC becomes the next hot resort area . . . I think maybe our front office is waiting for that, actually. (Sarcasm detector did not load properly, Sarcasm detection failed.)

If I was going to look at this data (GO Rating, Career Go Rating, and this years' eGO) I'd rank the players like this on offense:

  • 1st Options: none
  • 2nd Options: Al Jefferson, Paul Millsap, Mo Williams, Gordon Hayward
  • 3rd Options: Enes Kanter
  • Specialists: Jamaal Tinsley (set up man), Earl Watson (set up man), Randy Foye (deep threat), Alec Burks (penetration), Derrick Favors (pick and roll finisher)
  • Replacement Level: Kevin Murphy, Marvin Williams, DeMarre Carroll, Jeremy Evans
  • No Grade: Raja Bell

You could argue that Gordon should be a 3rd option, or whatever. That's fine. I think our team is really one star away from being a real playoff team (no longer getting into the playoffs on the 2nd to last game of the season). If we could package some of our 2nd options and specialists for one we could be back in business. Of course, I don't think we're likely to trade any big pieces this year, and let them go as free agents. Which gives us cap space to use . . . on players that will use our franchise as leverage in order to get more money from teams that are more attractive to players. (Sorry all, Chris Paul isn't coming over. Even Brandon Jennings isn't coming over. We have to get a star via the draft -- even if that means playing one of our draft picks.)