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Utah Jazz Statistics: MoFo is nice, but reveals spectacular team production by position information


This season the Utah Jazz are starting two bench guys from the Los Angeles Clippers as our starting back court: Mo Williams and Randy Foye. Or MoFo is you are 'down' and 'hip'. Well, MoFo are, as a unit, two guys who can get super hot and bomb from the outside. They're also not very great on defense, they don't rebound well, and aren't super consistent from game to game. On any given night they may be at risk of finishing the game making 8 three pointers, or 2 three pointers -- while playing the same number of minutes and taking the same number of shots.

I do think that most Jazz fans worry about the future of our Point Guard position. We're also less than secure with our Shooting Guard play over the last 15 years. Together it means we aren't completely sold on MoFo as a starting unit. recently revealed a huge list of info on every team in the NBA, and broke it down by every position on the court. Take a look at it here. (Data is last updated for 3/21/2013) The information for the Jazz is quite spectacular, indeed.


Essentially, we are Bottom 5 in the NBA in our PG and SG rank, as seen in PER difference. We're 30th in PG Net FTA. We're 29th in net PG turn overs. We're lowest in net points and FG% from the PG position as well. Our SG spot values aren't that great either. It's not just MoFo that's the problem, but Jamaal Tinsley and Earl Watson contribute heavily to our PG problems -- and this is a huge need to upgrade this offseason. We've played Gordon Hayward and Alec Burks with Foye at the SG spot as well; but we know which guy has played the most of those minutes.

What is great, duh, and has been great all year long has been our PF and C play. It's not a surprise as 4 of our best players are PF/Cs -- Al Jefferson, Paul Millsap, Derrick Favors, and Enes Kanter. It is funny that our C is #3 in own points, while being #20 in FG% rank. We're also #16 in FTA there. So, yeah. We already knew that as well.

I think that this simple view really tells us about which positions on our team have both been playing well right now, but also have the most talent.

Of course, we hope this is fixed in the off-season, and that the talent is divided more equally along the positions instead of being so paint heavy.