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Los Angeles Lakers fans, stop claiming Karl Malone's points

There's actual math and then there's historical revisionism math . . . and then Lakers fan math . . .

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You may not have seen much of this, but I have seen the theory posed that the Los Angeles Lakers have the three top scorers in NBA history. I guess they do as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Karl Malone, and Kobe Bryant have all played for that franchise. Of course, Kareem started his career with the Milwaukee Bucks and won a title (and many individual awards) there. Karl Malone went to two finals in a Utah Jazz jersey, and won countless individual awards in SLC as well. Kobe Bryant, who was supposed to be picked by the New Jersey Nets -- but scared off of it -- was a Charlotte Hornets player for a minute before being traded to the Los Angeles Lakers -- where 100% of his career was spent there.

I get that Lakers fans want to be happy about this moment, and they should be. But don't claim Karl Malone, or the majority of his points, to be a part of Laker History. Just look at them.

Karl Malone Total Points

Only 1.5% of his regular season points, and 1.9% of his total points over his career came in the purple and gold of the Lakers. (554 / 36928 for regular season; 796 / 41689 for combined) I can only imagine how many rebounds "Laker fan math" has appropriated from Dennis Rodman's Detroit Pistons, San Antonio Spurs, and Chicago Bulls career?

And to be fair, some really smart, cogent, and wise basketball fans are Los Angeles Lakers fans. This post is addressed to the vocal majority who just aren't. Also, I've only seen a LITTLE bit of this talk on the webs, but us Utah Jazz fans just like something to get upset about. ESPN started it.