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Utah Jazz Gestalt Offensive Ratings for starting shooting guards, and current team after 20 games

Only because people asked!

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I wrote a long post on the Utah Jazz situation at starting shooting guard, and you can read it all here. In that post I tabled up all the Gestalt Offensive Ratings (GO Rating), which is a calculated analytic of my own design that explores how much pressure you put on the defense when you are in the game. The higher the better, and for whatever reason regardless of player type, role, and position there appears to be some sort of internal consistence with the rankings. (It's not skewed in favor of guards or bigmen, or whatever)

Anyway, I was e-mailed today if I could a) put the starting shooting guards in chart form, and b) put the Utah Jazz players from this season on one as well. That's cool.

Utah Jazz Starting Shooting Guards (1984-2015):

Utah Jazz Starting Shooting Guards GO Rating - December 2015

So Gordon Hayward is good, much better than Alec Burks -- but Burks isn't that bad when you look at what's happened since Jeff Hornacek retired. He isn't nearly as efficient as Ronnie Brewer, or as competent as Matt Harpring used to be -- but he appears to be better than Wesley Matthews, Raja Bell, and Randy Foye . . . which counts, right? Maybe?

Utah Jazz Roster (2014-2015)

Utah Jazz 2014 2015 GO Rating - December 8 2014

Just to make sure you know, GO Rating isn't boosted or hurt by minutes played, it naturalizes everyone to playing 33.6 mpg. The starters are okay, only Gordon Hayward is killing it. Derrick Favors is very good as a second option, but would be better as a third option. Trey Burke and Enes Kanter are productive enough to be starters, but Alec Burks isn't nearly as good as he should be -- or as good as he was last season (57 GO Rating).

But the bench, Ye Gods! Dante Exum and Rodney Hood are real rookies, Joe Ingles is a rookie in name -- but all three of them are not hurting the defense that much so far this season. Trevor Booker and Rudy Gobert aren't dangerous at all by themselves, but at least have some bite.

Toure' Murry hasn't played this year. Ian Clark and Steve Novak have, but haven't done much. We know Clark can drive and miss floaters, and Novak can hit open threes --- in the smallest of sample sizes. Also, there is no evidence that Jeremy Evans exists. #XFilesThemeSong

This is fun and easy to do, so if you want more quick stories hit me up.