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Suns Marcus Morris is now a part of the Jazz Killer club

The Utah Jazz have been torched by 281 different players in franchise history. Marcus just made it 282.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Over the years we Utah Jazz fans have seen our team give up a lot of points to individually talented, lucky, hot, or ref-assisted players over the four plus decades. Last night the Phoenix Suns forward Marcus Morris dropped 34 on the team. Really. Marcus. Freakin'. Morris. I would have been fine with someone else, almost anyone else. But Morris is now a Jazz killer with some crazy good shooting, and poor defense, he dropped over 30 on the team. This has happened 282 times before.

Sometimes a Jazz killer is a great player who kills everyone, like Kobe Bryant. Other times, it's a player who gets the best of a match-up, like Spencer Haywood. The worst Jazz killers, the ones we remember most vividly, are the guys who come out of no where to drop a lot of points on us. Linas Kleiza is the prototype. Morris is now one of them.