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Jazz Dante Exum is ESPN's most promising rookie point guard

Despite not blowing the average fan away, one of the best scouts in the game is still crazy about Dante

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN's Coach Thorpe just dropped an In$ider article where he breaks down, ranks, and projects the future of the 2014-2015 rookie class point guards. It's a flashy class, where you have a few guys making marks in big markets, and a number of guys oozing with potential all over the league.

Dante Exum is our guy, and Utah Jazz fans need to recognize that he wasn't drafted to be the best point guard as a rookie -- but to be the best point guard over his entire career, including his peak. And Thorpe seems to agree:

It's a bit ironic that the Jazz started playing better once Exum entered the starting lineup, because in some ways they're playing 4-on-5 when he's on the court. Exum really has little idea how to play on offense right now.

The good news is he appears eager to learn how to be a point guard. He is doing well as a ball-mover, and he doesn't force the issue on offense. The fact that he's rarely in a rush is a sign that he's trying to figure out this complex game. And there is value in having a point guard run the team's offense, especially when he can't score efficiently on his own.

Exum is showing incredible potential on D, too, with his length and eagerness to defend. So, putting it all together, it's easy to see why the Jazz drafted him and then inserted him into the starting unit.

Next season, he should be a vastly improved player because the shots he's creating and missing now will be ones he makes far more often. His length and size will be of great help to him, and the game will continue to slow down for him. If you look past the missed shots and confusing decisions at times, you'll see his star potential.

Best bet: All-Star

- David Thorpe, ESPN Insider, 2015

I agree with all of this, and furthermore, I look at what he does do on offense -- and right now he's shooting better from the spot up three point range than most people expected. Sure, he also turns down a lot of open jumpers to drive, but this is a learning year. And Dante is learning quite a bit -- while teaching fans the virtue of patience.

He's not the only player Thorpedo goes over, read the full article for the full break downs. Or just cheat here and see what he has to say:

Player Team 2014 NBA Draft Pick: Best bet:
1 Dante Exum Jazz 5 All-Star
2 Marcus Smart Celtics 6 Long-term starter
3 Elfrid Payton Magic 10 Long-term starter
4 Zach LaVine Timberwolves 13 Sixth man / scoring guard
5 Shabazz Napier Heat 24 Second-unit guard
6 Jordan Clarkson Lakers 46 Starting point guard

I'm happy the Jazz got Dante. And he's going to make LOTS of Jazz fans happy in the future. Read the full article here!