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A breakdown of the Kings fan throwing up on the court

Video breakdown of someone leaving it all on the court

In the last game of Luke Walton’s head coaching career in Sacramento, the Kings and the Utah Jazz had one of the most memorable moments of the season. Who knew the one leaving the most on the court in Sacramento was one of the fans!

I’m sorry.

In this video breakdown, I look at every angle of the Kings fan and his unfortunate accident that stalled the game for something like 20 minutes. We look at all the reactions from Joe Ingles, Mike Conley, Hassan Whiteside and Jordan Clarkson.

In all honestly, I’m surprised this hasn’t happened before. But what makes this even more hilarious is that this was the final moment in Luke Walton’s coaching career in Sacramento. When you consider that this might be the thing that fans remember most from his short time there, it’s so ridiculous no one would believe you if you made it up.