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Satirical Posts

The Legend of Utah Gordon Hayward

Many tales are told of the legend that was Gordon Hayward in Utah

[CONTEST] #MuscleWatch for Money & Prizes

Get in shape for the NBA Season AND contribute to an amazing cause.

The Karl Malone Whopper

A story about meeting the Mailman

Rudy Gobert and the Quest for DPOY: Episode 2

Rudy Gobert finds Gordon Hayward amidst the Boston Celtics.

Rudy Gobert approves of Joe Ingles new contract

Rudy Gobert is a top ten tweeter.

Gordon Hayward should leave the Utah Jazz

1 out of 4 lotto picks won’t understand the subtext here

EXCLUSIVE: The story behind those letters written to Gordon Hayward by Junior High students from Utah.

Robyn Hayward posted on instagram how Gordon Hayward had received letters urging him to stay. This is the story behind those letters.

Donovan Mitchell Quickly Becoming a Social Media Fan Favorite

And a player recruiter?

Rudy Gobert Is Swoll as H*ck

We’ve got an early #MuscleWatch contender.

Boris Diaw spent a week with French Commandos because of course he did.

Boris Diaw continues to be the most unique person to walk Planet Earth.

Rudy Gobert and the Quest for DPOY

It’s 8-bit NBA baby!

BREAKING: Karl Malone rumored to be selecting Dig'em Smacks (Honey Smacks) for breakfast

Karl Malone has narrowed down his final cereal destination to three options.

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Why I’m a fan of the Utah Jazz: Dinosaurs, Quavers and the Bass Guitar

I'm a simple, but systematic man. There are rules.

Why I’m a fan of the Jazz Fan: The Jr. Jazz

Junior Jazz and nacho incidents

Golden State Warriors make basketball fans not want to watch basketball


The Utah Jazz have your “Nightlife” right here.

Things escalated quite quickly.

Happy Birthday Boris Diaw!

35 Years Young!

The Utah Jazz “Jazz” Band

For your soul.

Allegedly disgraced blogger Bill Simmons is allegedly Fake News

He also still has a huge issue with the Utah Jazz. Allegedly.

Rudy Gobert: Demon Hunter

Rudy has discovered an ancient demon fighting magic ... Swirology

Utah Jazz “Friday for the Weekend” Episode 015

All-Stars, snubbed stars, bugs, and an odd request

Utah Jazz “Friday for the Weekend” Episode 014

NBA deflategate, losing is a disease, and triskaidekaphobia

Former BYU stud Jimmer Fredette hacked on twitter!

Hacker revealed plans to retire from basketball

Utah Jazz “Friday for the Weekend” Episode 012

Where’s Exum? Fake news, the untouchables, and THE UNTOUCHABLE

The Utah Jazz: Magnificent Seven

What we lost in the fire, we found in the ashes

Utah Jazz “Friday for the Weekend” Episode 011

Utah Jazz posting good stats, “The Decision” 2017, an 84 MPG car, and bringing back the gay elf defense.

Utah Jazz “Friday for the Weekend” Episode 010

Who plays solid D and has .600+ TS%? Star Wars Dies Hard and cast your vote before it’s too late.

Christmas Gifts for the Utah Jazz

Gifting the team the presents we so dearly want them to have

Utah Jazz “Friday for the Weekend” Episode 009

A Jazz Christmas Carol, Griswald Christmas vacation, and watching reruns of Jazz games

Utah Jazz Christmas Wishlist

I made this list and I checked it twice...

Utah Jazz “Friday for the Weekend” Episode 008

Zach Lowe; Utah Jazz on a precipice; Harry Potter; and experiencing another culture

Utah Jazz “Friday for the Weekend” #007: Meta-Metrics

Meta-Metrics, James Bond, and where certain Jazz players rank in the NBA