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Utah Jazz 2012-2013 Schedule: October and November Preview!

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It's time to go a little deeper into the schedules and junk. (Yes, I'm not a professional writer-er) I am a professional crazy person though, so behold!


October and November:

The original big season schedule post is here, if you somehow missed it.

I'm putting these two months together because there is only 1 game this October that counts. So let's get into it!


October / November Week 1:


The Jazz play three times in the first week.

Dallas played last night, New Orleans is a lotto team, and the Spurs are the Spurs. We should win two of these three. The NOR/SAS is a back to back, but I don't think fatigue should be a factor this early in the season. And seriously, if you can't get up to play against the team that swept you from the playoffs last season you should be off the team.


October / November Week 2:


The Jazz play four times the second week:

The MEM game is the 3rd game in 4 nights, and so is the PHX game. Big whoop. We all know the main games this week are the home game against the Lakers (who we play only 3 times) and our game in Denver on Friday night. The Jazz could easily lose all four of these games, and I could see them winning all four as well. We don't know about our team yet -- that's why this season is an experiment.


October / November Week 3:


The Jazz play four times in the third week:

If we're a better team this year it means we're also a better road team. This four game road trip should be a good one. We have Boston and Philly, two playoff teams. Toronto has an outside shot to make it. And the last game, when we're dead tired, will be a bad team hungry for wins. I'd love to see the Jazz win 3 of 4 here. That would make me (and a lot of fans) feel more confident with what we have. How likely is that going to be the case though? We don't know. That's why this season is an experiment. (You're going to hear me say this a lot this season)


October / November Week 4:


The Jazz play three times in the fourth week:

  • November 19th, vs. Houston Rockets (another 3rd game in 4 nights, sheesh!)
  • November 23rd, vs. Sacramento Kings
  • November 24th, @ Sacramento Kings

Yup, we get to see Jeremy Lin and James Harden for the first time of the season in this week. Both guys kill it when being the ball handler on the pick and roll. And we know that's our major problem on defense. It'll be an important game to watch for sure. Oh, there's also a back to back / home at home with the Kings, but that team isn't interesting to watch. Well, I guess it is if you like DeMarcus Cousins picking fights with our point guards . . . no matter what, the Jazz need to win all three of these games. I expect them to. If they are the team I think they are they will.


October / November Week 5:


The Jazz play four times in the fifth week, but only three are in November, so:

  • November 26th, vs. Denver Nuggets
  • November 28th, @ New Orleans Hornets
  • November 30th, @ Oklahoma City Thunder
  • (December 1st, @ Houston Rockets -- not counted but part of this three games in four nights road trip)

The "Month" of Octnovember ends with three more games against our hated foes, and one games against the Hornets. Last season the Jazz didn't have the best schedule, but this season we have no complaints. We gotta win these road games against Western conference teams thought. The NOR/OKC/HOU set is probably more important now than it should be because I know those road games in March are going to be harder to get.

I'm also counting on the Jazz to win the game at home vs. the Nuggets (spoilers: every game we play on Monday is also the 3rd game in 4 nights this month). Harsh, I know, but I think if the Jazz are the team we think they are, they need to take care of business.


Guess the Game Score Games:

We're doing this this year as well. (BTW, one of the winners needs to reply to my emails from LAST Year still -- all the other winners got their prize! I know you who you are, so I'm not naming names) Here's the schedule for this "month":

  1. Nov 3 -- Jazz @ Spurs
  2. Nov 10 -- Jazz vs. Suns
  3. Nov 17 -- Jazz @ Wizards
  4. Nov 24 -- Jazz @ Kings

If you don't remember what this is, it's a contest. You tweet me (@AllThatAmar or @SLCDunk) or submit via the contest page that'll be up on that game day one simple thing . . . and that simple thing is the final score of this game. The Top 5 closest to the actual final score are the winners for that specific date. And all the winners for each GtGS contest get put into a draw for the Final Contest winners thingy. Those winners win real prizes. The Prizes for last season were gift cards to Fanzz and/or's Store. It's good to play, because it's a free contest -- and you can win real things.

Seriously, what OTHER Jazz blog out there gives you a chance to do this? Or what National blog does this type of stuff? No one's won anything by visiting ESPN, right? (Banner Ads don't count)


I have the Jazz winning 12 games this "month". Yes, I have high standards. Why shouldn't I have high standards, I'm a Jazz fan after all? What do you guys have?