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Utah Jazz 2012-2013 Schedule: October / November Review

18 Games into the season this team is . . . right where they should be.


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The Month that Was:


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The Good:

  • Game 1, Jazz 113 vs. Mavericks 94: The season started off with a bang in game one. The Jazz took control with a decisive third quarter (stop me if you hear this a lot this season) and put the game away.
  • Game 5, Jazz 95 vs. Lakers 86: Utah got their second win of the season against a pretty great team (on paper) Steve Nash did not play, and both Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard scored a lot (48 points), but it wasn't enough. This was one of the first Randy Foye Enfoyego games of the season as he went 5/9 from downtown.
  • Game 8, Jazz 140 @ Raptors 133 (3OT): Just a crazy game, would have been devastating if we lost. Great perimeter defense by Derrick Favors down the stretch on face up specialist Andrea Bargnani.
  • Game 15, Jazz 105 vs. Nuggets 103: We weren't playing like we were going to win this game for an entire half, but a very solid third quarter by Al Jefferson changed everything. We eventually won, despite it looking grim. This would be a jump-off point for a good team. Sadly we went 1-2 in the next three games.

The Bad:

  • Game 2, Jazz 86 @ Hornets 88: We should have won this game, no Eric Gordon, no Anthony Davis for most of the game -- we had one dude to guard in Ryan Anderson, and we still lost.
  • Game 6, Jazz 84 @ Nuggets 104: This was our first blowout of the season, and it happened in a place we've lost a lot of blowouts in, in Denver, We looked completely over-matched as Kenneth Faried and Kosta Koufos were klowning on us.
  • Game 10, Jazz 93 @ Sixers 99: Only Paul Millsap showed up for this game, which is sad. Two nights before the Jazz played a very spirited game against the Boston Celtics and lost a close one. Somehow playing against a worse team missing their best player (Andrew Bynum) on a day of rest resulted in a worse performance. We should have won this game, if only we played half as good as we did the night before.
  • Game 14, Jazz 97 @ Kings 108: I was unhappy with how we started this game. Just an overall poor performance to a bad team that, normally, we should have defeated.

The Meme-y:


The Jazz are, uh, undefeated at home this year.



Randy is making a lot of believers out there with his amazing shooting so far.



This season has seen the end of "Al the Conqueror Ball"



Ty is still searching for respect from the refs, but he's slowly earning it.



Technically, December is here. And we need to continue winning, while playing slightly tougher opponents.


Amar's Prediction:

I had the Jazz going 9-9. The Jazz went 9-9. Big whoop. At my most optimistic I felt like we could have won 12 games out of our first 18 -- if we beat New Orleans in game 2, and Philly without Bynum in game 10, and Sactown in game 14 we do just that.