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Free Contest: Tired of seeing empty seats at Utah Jazz home games? I know I am. Want to go? Enter to win!


Hey all, I don't usually get on a soap box about the Utah Jazz when I'm pointing the fingers at us, the fans. But I think I have to here. I grew up with the Jazz playing sold out games in the Salt Palace and the Delta Center. Now when I watch the team play, I see lots of empty seats. I also rarely hear the crowd. There are a number of reasons for this with a greater number of seats being sold to corporate accounts and so forth. I get that. The economy is down, and some of us don't want to support this product as it is. I get that too.

But empty seats and a soft spoken crowd remove one of the greatest competitive advantages we've ever had -- being awesome at home because of our disproportionately awesome fanbase. I want to see more butts in the seats, and I want to see our Jazz team play better at home. We're 22-8 at home this year. That's a winning percentage of 73%, which is great in a vacuum; but it's not good enough to offset our horrible road record (32 win%). The season before that the Jazz won 76% of their home games, and this is supposed to be a better team this year. For the last 30 seasons we've won about 75% of our home games. There are only 11 more home games this year, and our team needs us.

Hence, I've been in conversations with some people -- and I think we have a solution to getting more butts in the seats. Don't take it from me, take it from Dan Groob, of TiqIQ:

Utah Jazz continue to sell out down stretch, offer fantastic seat promotions through ScoreBig

By Dan Groob, TiqIQ


It seems like the Utah Jazz have hung on by a thread to the eight seed in the Western Conference all season long. With the disappointing Los Angeles Lakers finally starting to heat up in the season’s closing months, every game takes on added meaning down the stretch for the Jazz as they look to solidify a spot in the playoffs. Luckily the Jazz have eleven home games remaining at EnergySolutions Arena, where they are once again putting up one of the best home records in the NBA at 22-8. Utah has ranked top nine in average home attendance for every year in the past decade, and fan dedication in Salt Lake City has led to EnergeySolutions Arena being branded as one of the loudest in the league.

Despite the consistent demand for Utah Jazz tickets, they remain wholly affordable. Fans in Utah just want to see their basketball. The Jazz season home average ticket price this year is just $65, which pales in comparison with some of the other top selling teams across the NBA. In fact, there is no game on the remaining schedule with an average ticket price above $97, and that ticket would be to see arguably the NBA’s best team in the division rival Oklahoma City Thunder.

Discount ticket partner ScoreBig is also offering some fantastic promotions for certain seats at the remaining Jazz games. For every game left this season, you can purchase 1-star seat specials on for as little as $1 dollar. These tickets also don't have ANY pesky service OR shipping fees. 1-star seat specials can be purchased for all games at less than $10 dollars.

Average ticket prices and ScoreBig 1-star seat special prices for the remaining Jazz home games are as follows:

With deals like this for Utah Jazz tickets, it’s no wonder that fans get excited to fill EnergySolutions Arena to cheer on their team. Click on the game links above to take advantage of these great ScoreBIG deals.


Also, you can WIN your way in - Enter our Twitter contest with TiqIQ & you can win tickets for 3 upcoming games. Simply follow @TiqIQ and @slcdunk on twitter and tweet at 'em why the Jazz will hang onto their playoff spot. Be sure to use #JazzTiqs -- TiqIQ will pick one entrant with the best answer on March 15th.

Example: @TiqIQ @slcdunk the Jazz will make the playoffs because no one can stop them on the block #JazzTiqs

Obviously the point here isn't to get reasonably priced tickets to Jazz home games -- it's to GO TO JAZZ HOME GAMES and help our team win. As a guy who isn't lucky enough to live in Utah I cannot actually go to Jazz home games. At these prices, though, I can't see why more people don't go.

Please do go, our team needs us! And play in this contest too, you could win tickets!