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Utah Jazz Eastern Trip of Doom: December Edition

It's just been that kind of schedule so far

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Utah Jazz took off yesterday for their second Eastern Conference Trip of Doom this season. Back in November the Jazz went out East and had to play @ Detroit Pistons, @ Indiana Pacers, @ Atlanta Hawks, @ New York Knicks, and @ Toronto Raptors -- five games in seven nights. The Jazz came back to Utah with a 2-3 trip, but many people feel like the team let a few games get away from them.

Back in November the idea of what this Jazz team could be was a little different than the opinion of what this Jazz team is, now in December. The 6-17 Jazz have dropped winnable games at home and on the road. The road is a lot rougher now.

Day Date Good Guys Bad Guys
1 Sunday December 14 2014 Utah Jazz (6 - 17) @ Washington Wizards (16-6)
2 Monday December 15 2014
3 Tuesday December 16 2014 Utah Jazz (6 - 17) @ New Orleans Pelicans (11-11)
4 Wednesday December 17 2014 Utah Jazz (6 - 17) @ Miami Heat (11-12)
5 Thursday December 18 2014
6 Friday December 19 2014 Utah Jazz (6 - 17) @ Orlando Magic (10-16)
7 Saturday December 20 2014 Utah Jazz (6 - 17) @ Charlotte Hornets (6-17)
8 Sunday December 21 2014
9 Monday December 22 2014 Utah Jazz (6 - 17) @ Memphis Grizzlies (19-4)

Yeah, the Jazz had to play a bunch of injured teams back in November, or teams that just weren't that good. This time around each of the teams is at least a .500ish team (save for the Hornets), with a few teams with eyes towards the playoffs.

Game 1 is against the Wizards, and the Jazz will be without Derrick Favors. If he's going to miss more and more time we're going to see more and more losses. This trip has the team going up against some solid front courts with Marcin Gortat / Nene Hilario; Anthony Davis / Omer Asik; Al Jefferson / Marvin Williams (bites tongue); and Marc Gasol / Zach Randolph. It's going to be rough, but teams come together on long road trips.

I feel as though this Jazz team with this collegiate atmosphere already there, will only get better through adversity. With everyone being about 24 (or younger), and with a young-ish former NCAA coach this road trip will be a learning experience.

And from what we've seen so far with the young Jazz, they have a lot to learn still.