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Utah Jazz can finish the season on a high note, but just how many wins do you think they will get?

This is a detailed review of the remaining schedule, and a fan poll. It's easy. How many more games will the team win?

Glorious Good-Luck Ostertag!
Glorious Good-Luck Ostertag!
Brian Bahr/Getty Images

The Utah Jazz play 20 more games this season. And the easy question is obvious, "Is this team better than last year?" And the answer is even more obvious: YES! The harder question will be "how much better?" There are different ways to judge this. You can look at the improvement of the players themselves. Or the team, specifically looking at the numbers as Yucca did here! (Great job by the way!) But for most fans everything defaults to wins and losses. (You play to win the game, right?)

Well, here are all the remaining Utah Jazz games this season.

  • 12 at home, 8 on the road
  • 16 against the West, 4 against the East
  • 10 against playoff teams, 10 against lotto teams
  • 5 Back-to-back sets left
  • 7 total games that qualify as the 3rd game in four nights
  • 1 more game that's the 4th in five, and 5th in seven
  • Opponents involved in 12 back-to-back sets, seven 3rd in four nights, and 1 that's 4 in 5, and 5 in 7
  • Pretty equal all around

2014 2015 Game SEASON END LAST 20 TABLE

I can't predict the outcome of every game with perfect accuracy, but I have the Jazz winning 8 and losing 8, with 4 games I am uncertain about. They have a chance to finish the season 10-10, or better, in my books. (If you Solomon it and split the difference)

So how many games do YOU have the Jazz winning?