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SLC Dunk Chat

SLC Dunk Chat

Every week the SLC Dunk Staff gathers round the fire, sips some fine cocoa, and spits some fire hot takes about the Utah Jazz. These weekly chats are the purest hot takes, straight off the vine. Sometimes it's good to just talk basketball and let the fandom take over. Welcome to the SLC Dunk Chat.

2019 NBA Trade Deadline: SLC Dunk Reactions to no Mike Conley trade

*sigh* Well ... here we still are.

First reactions from Kyle Korver’s first game back with Utah Jazz

The sharpshooter’s first game back with Utah couldn’t have gone any better, so what does our team of reckless bloggers think about it?

Staff reactions from last night’s Philadelphia 76ers-Utah Jazz game

The SLC Dunk staff gives their thoughts on the Utah Jazz’s struggles.

Utah Jazz are struggling at home because of the ... #CurseOfTheBear???

Is a mascot—fallen from grace—the reason the Jazz are cursed at home for the 2018-2019 NBA season?

Death, taxes, and the Utah Jazz finding diamonds in the rough like Georges Niang

Dennis Lindsey must be a magician because he keeps on finding quality role players in the most unusual places.

Should the Utah Jazz be concerned about Ricky Rubio’s offensive struggles?

The SLC Dunk Staff gives their perspective on Rubio’s struggles, Jae Crowder’s resurgence, and tonight’s upcoming Pelicans vs Jazz game.

Should Utah be worried about Donovan Mitchell’s slow start?

The SLC Dunk Chat debuts with the staff discussing Donovan Mitchell, Ricky Rubio, and tonight’s clash agains the Rockets