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5 elements to watch for as Utah Jazz season winds down

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The best fit for Kelly Olynyk and trade partner for the Utah Jazz no one is talking about

Many trade partners are surfacing for the Utah Jazz and a host of suitors for one Kelly Olynyk, but one team makes the most sense on both fronts and no one is talking about them.

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Please give Walker Kessler more minutes

The young center has been a dominant force for the Jazz but finds himself stuck behind John Collins in the rotation.

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The Downbeat

The Downbeat

In measured music, the downbeat is the first impulse that can be heard in the beginning. It is the strongest part of the rhythm. At SLC Dunk, The Downbeat is the first story of the weekday. It's to jump start your Jazz fandom before work, school, or a long day watching the kids.

Should John Collins still be starting for the Jazz?

Short answer: no.

Utah Jazz puts up an all-around performance to start 2024 with a bang

An impressive win encapsulated by Clarkson’s triple-double

2023 Utah Jazz recap: A year of transition

5 observations from Utah Jazz lineup duos

Exploring the results of Utah Jazz lineup duos to date, we discuss 5 observations and work to derive any insights therefrom.

Step in the right direction: Unpacking the Jazz’s recent success

The Jazz are now starting to find their stride this season

Sorry NBA fans, Lauri Markkanen is not on the trade block

Don’t get your hopes up

7 plays describing Hendricks’ gaudy plus-minus from last night

The Utah Jazz outscored the New York Knicks by 25 points during the 20 minutes Taylor Hendricks took the floor. We review film of 7 plays that may help contextualize a very noisy stat

The In Season Tournament will change the trade market

Trade season officially kicks off in December but doesn’t heat up until late January. That may very well change due to the In Season Tournament.

Will Hardy is not messing around

The Utah Jazz head coach sent a message to his team, and it came across loud and clear

What’s next for the Jazz after these brutal defeats?

Evaluating the first 15 games of Jordan Clarkson and the Utah Jazz this season

How the Utah Jazz can advance in the In-Season Tournament

A breakdown of the possible scenarios for the Utah Jazz in the in the final games of the group stage

John Collins is getting right in his rebound season with the Jazz

John Collins’ start to the season confirms he’s getting right after a pair of lingering injuries resulted in last year’s abysmal season prompting an offseason trade landing him in Utah

Per the Utah Jazz and SEG Media: Jazz+ will air select Salt Lake City Stars home games

The streaming system continues to grow

Keyonte starting is a great step in addressing Utah’s woes

The Jazz have a serious turnover problem, but took a great step in the right direction last night by starting Keyonte George. Let’s dig into why!

Lauri Markkanen’s new season focus

Utah’s versatile, 7 foot forward Lauri Markkanen has demonstrated a new focus early in his seventh season and it’s paying dividends

Observations from Utah’s first outing

Utah struggled in their first outing and while one game doesn’t a season spell, we dig into observations of what went wrong and what went right

2023-24 NBA and Utah Jazz Season Predictions from the SLC Dunk staff

The SLC Dunk staff predicts the next NBA Champions, MVP, Utah Jazz record, and more

2023-2024 Utah Jazz player preview: John Collins

Will John Collins be able bounce back this season for the Utah Jazz?

Utah is going guard-heavy in pre-season lineups

So far in preseason, we’re seeing the unconventional path the coaching staff is taking to make sense of their guard options—play a lot of guards.

2023-24 Utah Jazz player preview: Ochai Agbaji

Could the young wing have a breakout season?

2023-24 Utah Jazz player preview: Kelly Olynyk

The Canadian big man was a key part of Utah’s surprise season. Where does he fit in the rotation this year?

2023-24 Utah Jazz player preview: Collin Sexton

Is this year a make-or-break season for Collin Sexton?

Don’t miss attending these 7 Jazz games

It’s that time of year again: finding the best value for Utah Jazz home games. We analyze the schedule and identify 7 high ROI matchups to attend this season.

What I learned about Jazz history this offseason: Pete Maravich

Despite "Pistol Pete’s" legendary nickname and his jersey hanging in the rafters of The Delta Center, most know very little about the franchise’s first star. Here’s what I learned over the offseason.

Which numbers should actually be retired for the Utah Jazz?

And who will be the next player to get a jersey in the rafters?

Variance figures to be a prominent theme for the 23-24 Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz have a lot of variance built into their team that could have them placed in the mid-lottery again or vying for a late playoff spot. We break down the biggest difference makers.

Who should the Utah Jazz start at point guard next season? Here’s an in-depth look

There is no clear answer to who Utah should start at point guard. What do the numbers and film say?

Jordan’s extension is great value for the Utah Jazz

Jordan Clarkson’s decision to opt-in to his final year and extend with the team. Based off reported details, that looks to be great value for the Jazz now and in the future.

Contextualizing John Collins’ three point shooting

Much has been made of John Collins finger injury, inability to shoot from the 3, and poor season last year. We contextualize it all in an attempt to check our own biases.

Three under-the-radar players the Jazz could pick outside the lottery

Going over a few of my favorite players in the late first-round

2023 NBA Draft News: Are the Jazz interested in Kobe Bufkin?

According to Jonathan Givony, Utah may look at Kobe Bufkin with the 9th pick

NBA draft player profile: Cason Wallace

Could another Kentucky guard blossom into an NBA star?