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You either play defense or you won’t play for the Utah Jazz

Quin Snyder demands that his players defend or they won’t play

NBA: Preseason-Utah Jazz at Portland Trail Blazers Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

When asked about what Grayson Allen needs to adjust at this point in his young career, Quin Snyder didn’t mince words.

Allen has shown a surprising amount of skill in his time on the floor during preseason. His shooting stroke has been excellent. According to he’s shooting 52% from three. He’s also been a good passer. With him on the floor the offense has been rolling. Per when Grayson Allen has been on the court the Jazz are 4 points better and shoot a better 3pt%.

These numbers are exciting but when Allen has faced any sort of starting unit he’s been torched on the defensive end. Against Toronto it was apparent that one of his rookie struggles will be staying in front of his man. The same thing showed up against Portland where he gave up open lanes to the basket, at one point getting crossed up badly.

This can also be seen as a good thing. Most rookies struggle on the defensive end and if Allen can figure things out and become at the very least an average defender, his offense becomes that much more effective for the Jazz.

Speaking of defense, according to John Schuhmann it turns out the Utah Jazz had the best defense in the league last year, not the Boston Celtics.

Interesting that estimates are in favor of the Celtics instead of the Jazz because there definitely isn’t an east coast bias.

The nice thing is that when actual facts are used the Jazz come out on top.

The Utah Jazz went through media training yesterday.

The question here is did they spend the whole time talking about questions for the Boston vs. Utah game or just the entire time?

Other topics surely discussed are how to avoid annoying Jazz fans by not wearing Kobe Bryant Laker shirts when the Jazz play L.A. or complaining about practice.

Donovan Mitchell and Ekpe Udoh spoke with students from West High School and had some great advice for the kids.

These guys never cease to amaze!

With only one game left in preseason, the Utah Jazz are ready to pick up where they left off last season.

Personally, I’m interested in seeing if the Jazz play a more tightened up rotation with their last game or if they’ll do more experimenting with lineups.

7 days till the season begins!