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The Utah Jazz are back tomorrow!!

Let’s cover some last minute news around the team before the season kicks off

NBA: Preseason-Utah Jazz at Sacramento Kings Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Math put together their thread of projections for the Utah Jazz this upcoming season:

If you don’t get all the way through it, I’ll put the most interesting tweet here as well:

SI recently recently reached out to an anonymous scout to put together a 30-team preview heading into the new NBA season. Here’s a little on what they had to say about the Utah Jazz:

Their entire entire rotation is back. They have unbelievable continuity. If anyone is going to be a surprise top-two seed, it’s them . . . They’ll easily be top-five defensively. Even when Rudy Gobert is hurt or off the court, Derrick Favors can play a similar style defensively . . . Rudy Gobert can be a tone-setting player against 27 teams. He’s a special talent. We harp on him struggling against Golden State and Houston, but that’s not really fair. He’s an All-Star against 27 teams. The whole league is trying to crack the code on Golden State; it’s not his fault he can’t stop them by himself. He’s the top rim-protector by a mile. . . . Donovan Mitchell was the real Rookie of the Year to me. He went through the true rookie experience of growing into the NBA game rather than redshirting like Ben Simmons. Mitchell has a bullseye on his back now as their best offensive player. I like the Dwyane Wade comparisons for Mitchell, when he gets in the pick-and-roll with his explosive scoring and attack mentality. Think about this: The Jazz would never trade Mitchell to get Gordon Hayward back in a million years. How crazy does that sound compared to when Hayward left? 

We’ve got several FanPosts to review this week, so let’s just get right to it.

anonymoussource is interested in creating a fantasy basketball league. For those that missed out on the first league created, here’s your chance!

ukraineisnotweak is interested in your thoughts on the best 10 man rotations by draft year.

Alright, we have 72 hours til the season opener and I’m going crazy. So, I think a lot of our guys are some of the best at their positions. Are they also the best in their drafts? I’m going to attempt to get a 10-man rotation for each possible draft. I think that probably means every draft after 2003 or so. I will post one per comment. Feel free to disagree

JazzHands2017 gives a stab at ranking the Wild Wild West before the season starts:

This western conference could be the deepest most talented we’ve seen. We finally ascend to the leagues best and now we get to contend with all time greatness. You have to beat the best to be the best. That couldn’t be more true in this case. The playoffs will be well earned. Every seed is soaked in blood. So I’ll try and make a stab at ranking these teams while setting up a western playoff picture as well.

And teenwolfenstein put together some interesting graphs showing the offense and defense by the second last season. Give it a look!

This was some interesting NBA news that didn’t get a whole lot of attention. It will certainly impact a couple Jazzmen over the course of the season.

This allows teams to see their 2-way guys for a longer timeframe before having to make the decision on keeping or cutting them. The two guys on 2-way deals to start the season for the Jazz are Naz Mitrou-Long and Tyler Cavanaugh.

I think I may have used this as a beat before, but I came across it again and I just couldn’t help myself. Anything about Joe Ingels is golden content. Someone imitating his jumpshot? Even better.

That’s actually really well done. I love the multiple pump fake, stare down, step backs in a row!