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The Utah Jazz season begins today!

Everything counts now!

NBA: Preseason-Utah Jazz at Sacramento Kings Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

It’s here. It’s actually here. Not that diet NBA stuff we call preseason. The games matter now and I couldn’t be more excited.

Last season was special. There were so many things to be excited about including the emergence of Donovan Mitchell, Utah’s resurgence halfway through the season because of #tanknote and advancing in the playoffs.

But this season might be better because now there are expectations.

Most rankings have the Jazz as one of the top teams in the west. Five Thiry Eight has the Jazz as the 5th best team in the entire league!

Last season we hoped the Jazz would be good. Now we know they are. Now we will find out just how good they are. Do they deserve all the praise they’ve received? Can they live up to it? We find out starting tonight!

The NBA announced this years NBA hashtags. Say hello to #TeamIsEverything.

This was met with polite dislike from Jazz fans on the internet...

Just kidding. Keeping a strait face while writing that was difficult. Jazz fans were so frustrated that Jazz twitter had to respond.

However you feel, the Jazz released a cool video to go with the hashtag.

Gail Miller was inducted into the Utah Sports Hall of Fame.

Just a reminder that Gail Miller is a real life angel that has done so many wonderful things for this community and the Utah Jazz. Her legacy will be felt for decades along with Larry Miller.

Whether it’s LHM charities strengthening communities or a commitment to running the Jazz in an exemplary way, Gail Miller was long overdue for this award.

Donovan Mitchell had great things to say about the Jazz culture and what he’s trying to do for Grayson Allen.

The culture of this team may not be what takes the team to another level, but it will be the thing that keeps them together through all the tough times of the upcoming season.

It’s also impressive how much leadership Donovan Mitchell shows. Learning about things like this make it easy to understand why his teammates love him.

Bleacher Report released an incredible video for the return of the NBA regular season.

It’s so good to have the NBA back!