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Donovan Mitchell is a star on and off the court

And we’re about to witness another special season from the Sophomore

NBA: Utah Jazz-Media Day Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Donovan Mitchell has built quite the reputation through his first year in the league. He’s gained the respect of the game’s greatest, but still has time for the casual folk like ourselves. I know these stories have become almost repetitive at this point, but it’s still worth reporting every time.

Just like the spin cycle drives and acrobatic finishes will never get old, I love seeing a star be so involved in his community. Thanks for being such an incredible example Spida!

Spida. That guy is going to have some amazing shoes this year, and we’ve already seen a couple of them leaked.

I have no idea how that guy does that art work, but they are all masterpieces. If you don’t follow @kickstradomis then definitely fix that today.

What would I do without everybody’s great Fan Post contributions?

Unfortunately with the volume this week, I can’t give each one of them a full spotlight.

cchappell18 is at it again, this time putting together a rotation about who gets the guard minutes:

Ok I have been arguing for a while that Grayson Allen will get minutes, so I thought I should try to back my claim up.

Theo Kamis, a Timberwolves-converted-Jazz fan, writes some compliments about the Timberwolves

cool screen name (hey, cool screen name... ) has a quick question needing answered about your Jazz fandom history.

delriousmiles put out a pretty sweet rap for the upcoming season. It’s Real - Utah Jazz

MoChuk would like you to answer, “What are the Utah Jazz to You?

notajazzfan wonders if Grayson Allen will be a good fit for Utah?

Wow. That was a lot of links. The Jazz players aren’t the only ones putting in the work to be ready for the season!

Donovan-heavy downbeat today. Sorry not sorry. Speaking of Dwyane Wade though, he had some solid predictions about Donovan for the upcoming season. HoopsHype put together an article discussing whether or not Donovan Mitchell was ready to make the superstar leap:

Mitchell’s play was so eye-popping, as a matter of fact, that we have to go back 14 years to find the last rookie 2-guard to make a similar first-year impact – and that was a future Hall-of-Famer in Dwyane Wade...

Simply put, Wade went from a promising prospect in his first year to a bonafide star in his second. So what we want to know is: Can Mitchell take a similar leap in 2018-19?

That’s some high praise and comparison going on there, considering Dwyane Wade is a bonafide Hall of Famer. But D-Wade agrees! See his quote tweet about that article:

Last year, Donovan Mitchell was the guy I wanted in the draft. I just had a feeling about that kid. And then he completely destroyed any expectations anyone had of him. No one thought he would be this good, and certainly not this fast. I wonder what people would have thought before last season if people were saying her would be like Dwyade Wade with a jump shot...

So that leads me to this question: What’s your bold prediction for the Utah Jazz this year? What take do you have that sounds far-strechted, but might actually happen? I want boldest of takes in the comments section today!