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Did the Los Angeles Lakers just do a solid for the Utah Jazz?

#Spitgate may be a difference maker for Utah come April.

Utah Jazz v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

ICYMI, the Lakers and Rockets played in LA over the weekend, and there was quite the scuffle. James Harden was up to his usual charade, playing the refs, and Brandon Ingram was fed up with it. He gave Harden a hard shove, which set fire to an oil truck. Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul began to exchange heated words. Rajon Rondo may or may not have spit on Chris Paul, and Paul shoved his hand into Rondo’s face, provoking Rondo to throw a vicious left hook that connected square in Chris Paul’s face. Chris Paul got a weaker punch in, and Rondo got a second weaker punch in before they were separated. Then, out of the blue, Brandon Ingram flies out of nowhere to get his fill, landing a pretty decent punch on Chris Paul. Here is the video of the kerfuffle:

Let’s see that again in slow motion.

The NBA community went full Sherlock trying to solve whether or not Rondo actually spit on Chris Paul. Rob Perez argued early on that there was no spit involved.

Rob Perez, after further review, revealed that there may have been spit involved, but from a different perpetrator

Yahoo Sports got a closeup of the incident, and it appears there may have actually been spit.

And it all culminated in this glorious tweet.

Whether or not any saliva was involved, the league suspended Brandon Ingram for 4 games, Rajon Rondo for 3 games, and Chris Paul for 2 games. This is actually fantastic news, because it means Chris Paul will not be playing in the Utah Jazz at Houston Rockets game this Wednesday. Jazz Nation’s heartfelt thanks goes out to Rajon Rondo.

Sports Illustrated put out its new Power Rankings, and the Jazz are ranked third. Take a look:

If you see Joe Ingles in a fight with a kangaroo, for the love of God, HELP THE KANGAROO!!!

Words can’t accurately describe what Joe was doing to the Warriors on Friday night, and if you didn’t watch it live, you should be slightly ashamed of yourself.

There’s no doubt Utah will be one of Golden State’s toughest competitors this year, but it wasn’t clear just how close the Jazz would be to the defending champs. There’s only but so much to really extrapolate out of one game, but Friday’s contest in Salt Lake City was proof the Jazz want the smoke with any and everybody.

Even though the Jazz may have narrowly lost the game on Friday against the Golden State Warriors, the national media has officially taken note.

Kevin Durant gave a little insight into the pressure Donovan Mitchell is being placed under in his sophomore season.

“See, it’s different now because all it takes is one game and people will hype you up. I think for Donovan, he played last season as if he were a veteran, but he’s still learning along the way,” Durant told the Deseret News. “I think so many people put so many high expectations on these guys after a good season or a good stretch, but I think he’s on that path of being a star. He might not be a MVP candidate this year or an All-Star, but who knows, he might be? I’m just saying he might not have those accolades his second year in the league, but I think as you keep letting him develop and grow, you’re going to get there.”

Read the rest of Eric Woodyard’s article for Deseret News here.

With the level of performance Donovan was able to show last season, teams have undoubtedly taken the offseason to study him and find ways to beat the Jazz, particularly by making things hard on Donovan. There will be growing pains from time to time. Luckily for Donovan, we have another all-star candidate in Joe Ingles.

With three games in the books for most teams, here is how the league standings are shaping out:

Western Conference

Eastern Conference

Which team has been the biggest surprise so far?

The Jazz face the Memphis Grizzlies today. Keep your eyes peeled for the Preview, Game Thread, and Recap. With the increase pace throughout the league, this should be an interesting game to watch. The Jazz have been playing at a pretty quick clip this season so far. Playing against another team that prefers a slower pace, will the Jazz continue to push the tempo, or will this be an all-out grind fest?


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