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Jazz well-represented in 2018 NBA GM Survey

NBA GMs show the Jazz some love in annual survey

NBA: Playoffs-Oklahoma City Thunder at Utah Jazz Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The Utah Jazz were well represented in the 2018 edition of the annual GM survey conducted by Although there was some disrespect given in some areas, GMs across the league think pretty highlight of the Jazz as a team, especially defensively. If you don’t want to read the entire piece, here is a rundown of alll the areas the Jazz showed up in this year’s NBA GM survey:

Jazz received fourth-most votes for best team in Western Conference.

Donovan Mitchell received votes for ‘player most likely to have breakout season’.

Rudy Gobert recieved the most votes for ‘best defensive player’. (tied with Kawhi Leonard)

Rudy Gobert received most votes for ‘best interior defender’

Jazz received most votes for ‘best defensive team’.

Quin Snyder received votes for ‘best coach’.

Quin Snyder received third-most votes for ‘coach who makes best in-game adjustments’.

Quin Snyder received fourth-most votes for ‘coach who runs best offense’.

Quin Snyder received most votes for ‘coach with best defensive scheme’.

Alex Jensen received votes for ‘best assistant coach’.

Jazz recieved votes for ‘team that is most fun to watch’.

Jazz received second-most votes for ‘best home-court advantage’.

Jazz received votes for ‘team with best young core’.

Donovan Mitchell received fourth-most votes for ‘most athletic player’.

Ricky Rubio received votes for ‘best passer’.

It’s also worth noting that Rudy Gobert was left completely off the voting for ‘best center’, of which he (and Donovan Mitchell) thought was pretty funny.

Besides this shot of disrespect, the Jazz hold their own in the eyes of NBA general managers. It was great to see Quin Snyder get so much respect and recognition, as well as the Jazz as a team. And let’s not forget the fans for bringing it every night at Vivint Arena.

Donovan Mitchell has authored some pretty awesome tweets in the year-plus that he has been a member of the Utah Jazz. But a simple tweet posted yesterday afternoon might have been my favorite one yet.

I definitely have to agree with Donovan here. The Jazz have a dope team. They have one of the brightest up-and-coming stars in Donovan Mitchell, who proves every day he is a better person off the court than on it. They have the most feared defender in the NBA, the GOBZILLA himself, Rudy Gobert. They have coffee connoisseur, and dad-bod mob Joe Ingles torching nets on a nightly basis. They have the most handsome man in the NBA, Ricky Rubio who melts hearts of fans across the league with ease. This is just the beginning of the list. Bottom line, this team is incredible. The diverse personalities of these players make this team one of the most likable teams across the NBA, and one of the dopest teams the Jazz have ever sported. It’s a great time to be a Jazz fan. put out another piece featuring the Jazz in their ‘one team, one stat’ series. It analyzed the Jazz’s net point differential and how impressive they were last season.

It’s a interesting read that looks some stats from last season and how that will carry over to dubs for the Jazz this season.

ICYMI, I loved this dunk from Royce O’Neale the other night.

It got me thinking- where’s Royce O’Neale’s game headed this season. He proved last season he belonged in the NBA as he became a capable scorer and locked down some of the league’s best scorers on the defensive end of the court. Royce is one of the Jazz most interesting players this season as far as his next step. For now, enjoy this ‘MEAN’ dunk from the Jazz’s preseason win over Toronto.

The Jazz announced they had waived guard Trey Lewis.

Good luck to Trey on his journey of becoming an NBA player.