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Is Grayson Allen ready to contribute right away?

The rookie has been putting in good minutes in the preseason

NBA: Preseason-Toronto Raptors at Utah Jazz Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Look, I’ll be honest. I did not want the Utah Jazz to draft Grayson Allen in the draft over the summer. I was pretty disappointed on draft night and was honestly confused. It just didn’t feel like a typical Dennis Lindsey draft pick to me.

Allen look ok during the summer league, but he certainly didn’t stand out. So far my experience with him through college and up to that point was just meh. But I did notice some skills that I thought might translate better to the NBA game.

Similar to Kyle Kuzma, I think Grayson will look like a different player in the NBA than he did in college based off his (albeit limited) preseason limits. The biggest reason I see him contributing right away is because he’s shot over 52% from downtown. Is that sustainable over an NBA season? Not really, but being a reliable threat from 3 has a ton of value in today’s NBA. I wouldn’t have said this on draft night, but I can see Allen getting some solid bench minutes throughout the season in his rookie year.

The Timberwolves page has been putting in some preview articles for every team they’ll face this year. Here was their insight on the Jazz:

The Jazz took the NBA by storm last season, finishing 48-34 overall, fifth in the West. Utah beat the Thunder 4-2 in the first round of the playoffs before falling 4-1 against the Rockets in the second round.

The biggest surprise was the play of rookie Donovan Mitchell. Mitchell was the 13th-overall pick in last year’s draft. A year later, he looks like he’ll be the cornerstone of this franchise...

Coach Quin Snyder was elite, scheming on both ends of the court, even with the Jazz shaking up their roster midseason, trading Rodney Hood and Joe Johnson while acquiring Jae Crowder.

It goes on with their expectations and how they see Minnesota matching up against the Jazz this season. It’s always interesting to see an opposing team’s point of view on our Jazz.

Our only Fan Post this week was from ForceRun7 about their opinion on watching the Jazz games this year. I don’t necessarily endorse that method.... and I just wish AT&T would provide a reliable way to watch Jazz games. I also wish that Utah could get out that contract early and move on to greener pastures.

Dante Exum found himself in an interesting spot this last season. Being previous Australian teammates, he and Philadelphia 76’ers rookie Ben Simmons have been pretty good friends for some time. He also happened to become teammates and friends with rookie rival Donovan Mitchell. Eric Woodyard put up a fun piece on desert news about his situation:

Exum laughs as he recounts his strange role as an unlikely middleman in the social scene that captivated basketball fans across the country.

“Yeah, it was definitely weird,” Exum recalls, laughing. “Obviously, I like both the guys and they’re both really good friends of mine, but talking to both of them it was all in good fun and they both knew that but that was the main thing.

“I didn’t want it to get dirty or anything and it never did but it brought good competitive nature to the game,” he added.

Hunger Games, Utah Jazz style.

I take that from Rob, but limit it to just Utah Jazz players. Who wins?