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Quin Snyder and Jae Crowder hugging will get you misty eyed

The Utah Jazz’s Quin Snyder is a national treasure.

NBA: Boston Celtics at Utah Jazz Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Are you still on a high from Friday’s win. I know I am. I can’t stop thinking about how amazing it felt when the Jazz beat Gordon Hayward and the Celtics. It felt just as nice as a playoff win. The crowd was amazing. The players were intense and knew the importance of the game. Coach Quin did timely substitutions, timeouts and called a good game. Everyone was up for it and they performed well.

My favorite was this hug from Quin to Jae:

Thank you Moni for capturing it so we can enjoy it forever.

Another highlight was Donovan Mitchell taking it to Gordon Hayward.

I get chills just watching it!

Speaking of Donovan, he continues to amaze us all. After the game Donovan met with the family of Major Brent Taylor, who recently was killed in Afghanistan. His visit was so personal and warming. It did not look like he was visiting just out of obligation.

Jody Genessy of the Deseret News said:

Perhaps the best moment of the night — not including the Jazz’s exciting 123-115 win over Hayward’s Boston Celtics — happened outside of the Utah locker room following the game.

Jazz star Donovan Mitchell took time to chat and laugh with the family and signed autographs, an adorable and heartwarming experience that was captured on video and tweeted out by the NBA.

Tonight the Jazz take on the Grizzlies. Yes again, it will be the third time in the Jazz’s first 13 games. The Jazz have not looked good against the Grizzlies so far this season. They have looked flat, confused, and lost. They make Shelvin Mack look like an All-Star.

Ricky Rubio held a question and answer session at his Ricky Rubio Academy. Eric Woodyward of the Deseret News covered the event.

Once the Q&A session began, one of the Ricky Rubio Academy participants asked Rubio, “what’s your biggest rivals right now?”

“Right now … wow,” Rubio thought, before catching eye contact with Niang. “Memphis. I think everybody in the West … but any team is good.”

What else did Ricky Rubio say about Memphis:

“Marc (Gasol) is a great screener and he can pop too,” Rubio said. “A big can’t help much because he is tough to guard. That is why he has been in the league so long and putting up big numbers, just because he can really shoot the ball and can set good screens and get guys open.”

Dante Exum had this to stay:

“It doesn’t take anyone to see that the Memphis one is circled on our calendars,” Jazz guard Dante Exum told the Deseret News. “I think we owe them not one but two, but we’re going to game plan and make sure we’re ready.”

Please be ready Jazz. I don’t think I can take another loss to the Memphis Grizzlies. I know they are better than last year with a healthy Mike Connely but please, please just win tonight.

Everyone remember our friend Brian T. Smith? He got Jazz twitter in a scurry this morning just like during the Ty years when he was covering the team. This is the tweet that set Jazz twitter off:

This is how I feel about the whole 2014 situation

Gordon Hayward was not a max player. Maybe the Jazz should not have gone the KOC route of “go find your value” I also definitely trust Woj over BTS. Woj has repeatedly said the dispute was over a 5 million dollar difference not the million that BTS says.

Hayward’s first four years with the Jazz compared to Rodney Hood:

And let’s be honest. Derrick Favors was our best player in 2014 not Hayward. I personally am glad that Hayward is not on the team anymore. I love that the team is now Rudy’s and Donovan’s. I don’t miss Hayward at all but the narratives that have followed since he left have been lazy and inaccurate.

Go Jazz! I love our team now. I love having players that love Utah and its fans. I love having players that want to be here.

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