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Joe Ingles is an international treasure

And the Utah Jazz look to be back on track

Joe Ingles is on an absolute tear right now. After a huge game against Glad-he’s Goneward and the Boston Celtics, he put together another big night last night. It shall hereto forth be known as, The Headband Game.

Every GOAT has that “Flu Game” and now Joe Ingles has his. His GOAThood continues to grow!

Jae Crowder is putting together one of the best seasons of his career and Utah Jazz fans are showing him the love. Crowder had a few things to say after the emotional defeat of his former team, where he appreciates the love that Utah is giving him.

He fits the mentality and toughness of this team perfectly. What a great pickup by Dennis Lindsey to bring him to the Jazz.

For your fan post this week, we have BellFrazierRookie wondering why some Jazz players aren’t getting some minutes:

What has happened with Sefolosha and Udoah not playing. If you have quality veterans on a team-play them, especially when Rubio, Crowder and Ingles continue to struggle. What off Exum in this game and in the rotatipn. WHAT ARE YOU DOING COACH SNYDER?????? You seem to be stuck with certain players. Use all of this team, it is deep!!!!!

I saw a poll on Twitter that really got me thinking. It should serve as an interesting discussion point in today’s comments section. Credit to @JazzHoopsLife for the original poll, which I won’t include because the results are already posted. I wanted to try it again on the Dunk.


Who would be the most devastating loss for the Utah Jazz?

This poll is closed

  • 23%
    Quin Snyder
    (116 votes)
  • 15%
    Dennis Lindsey
    (78 votes)
  • 18%
    Donovan Mitchell
    (92 votes)
  • 41%
    Rudy Gobert
    (207 votes)
493 votes total Vote Now

Man what a difference a week can make. Last Tuesday I was writing about how the Utah Jazz needed to WAKE UP! They were off to a poor start and it was a sad place in Jazzland. One week and 3 wins later and things are feeling much better. I think that emotional win over the Celtics in a playoff-like atmosphere was exactly what this team needed.

They were down in the dumps after the loss against the Toronto Raptors and now they seem to have their mojo back. They are enjoying basketball again and it is so much funner to watch*. (*Except against the Memphis Grizzlies. Jazz-Grizzlies is rarely a joy to watch) Now at 7-6 the Jazz are only 1 game away from a top 4 seed in the Western Conference. Hopefully they keep this momentum going over the 5 game road trip, with games remaining @Maveriks, @76ers, @Celtics, and @Pacers. Honestly, if they finish off the road trip 3-2 I’ll be pretty happy. 4-1 would be amazing. 5-0 just wow. And in my world no other alternative endings exist, so we should be good to go!