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Derrick Favors, three point threat?

Derrick Favors is shooting threes and taking names

NBA: Dallas Mavericks at Utah Jazz Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The Utah Jazz have won their last three games and Derrick Favors has been huge part of it. On top of the helping the defense improve, Favors has been a strong anchor for the Jazz second unit on the offensive end.

His offensive rebounding against the Dallas Mavericks and the Boston Celtics was a big reason for those wins and kept the Jazz offense alive when shots weren’t falling.

It’s a pretty general stat, but Favors is also putting up a PER of 22. If Favors can stay healthy and continue this production, the Utah Jazz are going to be a problem that a lot of stretch fours won’t be able to handle.

Derrick Favors, three point shooter? Yes indeed!

Against the Memphis Grizzlies, Favors was 2/2 from three helping raise his season 3pt percentage to 37.5%. This is a BIG deal for the Utah Jazz offense because it means more spacing.

The question of whether Favors and Gobert can coexist has been going on for years, and will continue, but Favors developing a reliable corner three is a huge step forward and shows a real possibility of creating spacing for the starting unit.

Favors work ethic to improve his game has been impressive. For him to continue to develop his game this far into his career is fantastic. If he can continue hitting threes, and stay healthy, there’s no telling how far the Jazz can go this season.

Jazz fan, Mike Crane, was in the news for his support of the “5 for the fight” campaign the Jazz run.

It’s cool to see someone take an already great promotion and turn it into something even more special. Good job, Mike!

After a surprising amount of time recovering from his hamstring injury, it looks like Raul Neto should be returning to the Utah Jazz lineup soon.

Neto is a spark plug off the bench and gives coach Snyder another option to throw at opposing teams.

It’s a long season and the depth on the Jazz will become more and more valuable as players deal with the injuries resulting from the grind of an 82-game season. Neto has shown a lot of value in the past when the Jazz have needed him and could be the difference in a victory where the Jazz need fresh legs.

My mouth dropped when I saw this new way of watching Clipper games called Clippers Courtvision.

I highly recommend going to the Clippers Courtvision website to check out how it works because it’s really fun. I can only hope the Utah Jazz bring something like this to our broadcast soon.

Although since AT&T Sportsnet seems allergic to innovation in every way, I wouldn’t count on something like this any time soon.