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The Utah Jazz need to WAKE UP!!!

The Utah Jazz are winless at home 10 games into the season. Let me say that again. The Utah Jazz, who have owned one of the best home court advantages in the NBA for decades, have yet to win a game on their home floor.

What was once the best defense in the league is now just pedestrian. What was supposed to be continuity has instead turned into complacency. What was the potentially the 2nd best team in the West wouldn’t be in the playoffs after 12% of the season. What the heck is going on!? Where is our Utah Jazz!?!? This team needs a good healthy dose of:

Let’s talk about something more positive eh? Like the fact that we’ll get to see the fan-favorite City Edition jerseys again this season. Aaron Falk put out a piece on the Jazz NBA page about why they decided to bring them back:

“I see a lot more of the City uniforms than any other uniforms around town,” Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell said. “It catches a different feel for the Jazz that’s being exposed to the world. I think it’s pretty dope to have that. It gives people a different sense of what Utah’s about.” ...

Jazz officials wondered how fans would react to a look that veers so drastically away from the team’s traditional feel. Record sales of the jerseys quickly gave them their answer. And after quickly selling out of City Edition jerseys last season, the Jazz and Nike substantially increased production this year to meet the expected demand.

How about another positive note? Like the fact that you all continue putting out free, extra content in the FanPosts section! (What’s that? All of this content is free? Wow, what a website! Just enjoy that bonus then!)

sneaky_oniki looks at the Utah Jazz start and ponders the following: How good is this year’s start compared with the beginnings of seasons past?

notajazzfan, whose name confuses me by consistently putting out Jazz content, reminisces about Karl Malone’s community deeds as a player.

And BellFrazierRookies wonders why Alec Burks isn’t starting SG in place of the injured Donovan Mitchell

Thanks everyone!!! Give them that deserved click and read your bonus content of the week.

Don’t we all just love and miss Donovan Mitchell? I know I do. That Jazz offense just isn’t the same without our friendly neighborhood Spida! Speaking of friendly neighbor, Donovan took some time out of his night to make the day of some young fans while on the road in Dallas.

I love seeing this and it just makes me proud to be a Jazz and Mitchell fan.

Rudy Gobert has played the best offense of his career so far this year. And he’s shockingly getting credit for it too. Here’s Hoops Hype top 10 players so far this year, with Rudy cracking the list.

But it didn’t end there. Rudy also found himself in the top 10 for the MVP race on which can be found here. We might be in for a career year for Rudy, which should be fun to watch!

(Now let’s just hope that he can get Utah playing defense again and gets this team back on track...)