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The Jazz are finally finding rhythm on their home court

Despite a slow start at home, the Jazz are finally figuring out how to play in SLC.

NBA: Miami Heat at Utah Jazz Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

We all wondered how long it would take the Jazz to figure out their woes playing at home. Was it the curse of the Jazz Bear? Or was it the curse of #TakeNote? We may never know. After the Jazz started out 2-6 at home with a blowout loss to the Pacers, things were bad.

But the Jazz are now riding a three-game home winning streak and have bumped their home record to 5-6. It’s still a terrible record considering the Jazz have one of the best home-court advantages in the NBA, but it is trending upward. The Jazz have completely dominated the last three at home and have outscored their opponents by 88 points (!!!!) during those games. Those three wins have seemed easy, painless, simple; as opposed to all of the prior home games that were just painful to watch. Shots are falling, defense has tightened up, and the fans are finally getting something to cheer about.The Jazz have looked like a different team at home the last three games, which is a great sign for everyone involved.

After the big win against the Heat last night, the Jazz improve to 14-15, just a game and a half out of playoff position. Despite all of the struggles and inconsistencies, the Utah Jazz are very much still in the thick of playoff contention. A five-game winning streak could be enough to catapult the Jazz into a top four seed in the conference. The Jazz do have quite the slate of games coming up in December, so it will be a battle without a doubt. But the Jazz have finally started playing better at home, which is a great start.

With two three-pointers made last night, Joe Ingles passed Bryon Russell on the Utah Jazz franchise leader board for career threes made. Ingles currently sits at 541, and needs just 148 more to pass Gordon Hayward and move into second place behind John Stockton.

It’s a pretty dang good list to be a part of if you ask me. Ingles’ story is absolutely incredible. Just years ago he was cut from an NBA team and didn’t know if he would ever make it back to the league. And here he is, now contending for career franchise records for the Utah Jazz. Joe deserves it so much.

Dwyane Wade just played his last game in Salt Lake City. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always loved Dwyane Wade. Even though he is the perfect definition of a Jazz Killer, I respect him so much as an NBA player. Turns out I’m not the only Jazz fan that shares that belief.

This was a pretty cool gesture by Jazz fans, almost to say “Thank you for all of those L’s you gave us over the years”.

Wade was also shown respect by Donovan Mitchell and other Jazz players, both before and after the game.

I’ll miss watching The Flash play basketball, that’s for sure.

The Jazz released their “Earned Edition” jersey’s yesterday, and they are bringing back the greens.

I didn’t really care for the jerseys when I first saw the original render, but the picture of Jae Crowder posted by the Utah Jazz actually looks pretty freaking cool. I don’t know if it’s just because Crowder looks like a Ninja Turtle or what, but they look much cooler here.

Faves also looks pretty good in them.


How do you feel about the new green "Earned" jersey?

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    Any color looks good on Jae Crowder
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There has been much discussion about how much of the Jazz early struggles is them playing poorly, or a brutal scheduling job by the NBA (or a mix of both). Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra gave his two cents prior to their game vs the Jazz last night.

“With Utah, I just think everybody’s overlooking something that nobody wants to hear about: Their schedule has been outrageous,” he said. “They’ve basically lived in a hotel for the first six weeks of the season. Come talk to me in two months and we’ll see what their record is. I think they’ll be climbing up that Western Conference pretty quickly.”

The true test of the Jazz strength will come as the schedule begins to regulate itself. We will see for ourselves what the true cause of the team’s early struggles were, and if the Jazz really did just get finessed over on their early-season schedule.