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Deron Williams admits mistake in leaving Utah

The grass isn’t always greener

Deron Williams posted a video on Instagram highlighting his gold ol’ days. I think he wanted to remind everyone who he was when he started his career, not who he was to end it.

His follow up to a comment on Twitter was the most interesting part.

The end was absolutely messy. But Deron Williams was one of my favorite Jazzmen of all time. I’m glad he’s starting to be truly forgiven and is actually highlighted by the Jazz as ever playing in Utah. I don’t know if he’ll ever play a role for the Jazz, but worst case scenario hopefully he can be a good reference for people considering signing here.

I found this chart made by Nylon Calculus pretty interesting.

The Jazz take some of the most open 3’s in the league. But they are in the bottom 10 in terms of open 3 point percentage. Will that eventually trend in the right direction, or are the Jazz open for a reason? I think there’s a case to be made for both situations.

It’s Fan Post Tuesday!!!!

AmeliaBearhart expresses concern and sheds a tear regarding Utah’s schedule this next week.

Well, next week is looking rough for the Jazz. Historically speaking, Utah does not play well between December 16th and December 23rd. On the other hand, their 4 opponents historically play well during the same stretch. Can the Jazz overcome their history? Or should we just hope that next week brings better news? Tough to say.. =/

cchappell18 believes the Jazz should target D’Angelo Russell

Efficiency and defense. Those are DLo’s biggest problems. Normally those are huge turnoffs for me and many Jazz fans, but the encouraging thing is that they are improving. Just looking at his 4 year career, he struggled as a rookie, took big strides in his second year, had a bit of a drop off in his third year (adjustment period after being traded), and is now having his best year. He is posting career bests in points (18), FG% (42.2), 3P% (36.7), assists (6), VORP, BPM, DBPM (still negative, but has improved every year), OBPM, WS/48 (more than double his previous best), TOV%, AST%, and PER. Seeing not just the counting stats, but also the advanced stats increase, and dramatically in some areas, is a very positive sign.

And he is only 22. The same age as Donovan Mitchell.

This is one I would love to hear more thoughts on. I’ve had my eye on Russell for a while as well wondering what Brooklyn is planning with him.

Camouflage Jazz jerseys coming to a store near you? Probably not, but Karl Malone would love to see it happen.

For what it’s worth, I think he looks great in that uni. Granted, he would look great in any single Jazz jersey ever made.

Derrick Favors had a notable quote pregame yesterday morning about the recent trade rumors. The seasoned big recognizes that this has become an annual tradition.

I’m not sure if I should laugh and appreciate his honesty, or cry at the lack of appreciation at times. I truly believe that he is an incredible NBA talent. I also love what he’s done for Utah during his 9 years here. He’s come up huge when the Jazz needed him the most.

I also don’t believe he’s the ideal fit next to Rudy Gobert. I sincerely wish that both could be true, but I just don’t think they are. Is the the year that a trade rumor finally comes true? Maybe. (but it better be for more than Jabari Parker....)