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Confirmed: the Utah Jazz have the best fans in the NBA

David Stern says that the Utah Jazz have the best fan base in the NBA

NBA: Sacramento Kings at Utah Jazz Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

There are all sorts of fans in the NBA. There are longsuffering fans like those who root for the Knicks. There’s also obn oxious fans like Celtics or 76ers fans. There’s loud fans like Thunder and Warriors fans. Some fan bases lose points for being a bit delusional ... cough, cough ... Suns and Lakers.

But is there a fan base that combines the best of everything?

Utah Jazz fans have known this for a long time but recently it was confirmed by David Stern.

There you have it. Irrefutable proof that Jazz fans are the literal best in the NBA.

Speaking of David Stern, a fun questions was posted by @yaboiRB on Twitter.

I have to say that I agree with amazing Dianna on this one.

And while we have him under truth serum. I want to know more about Tim Donaghy, and corrupt refs in general. For example, are some of them corrupt or just all of them?

I kid, I kid.

Kind of.

Another day another act of kindness by Donovan Mitchell.

The best part of this is knowing that William will remember this for the rest of his life.

Even better is knowing that we’ll see these types of stories for years to come because Mitchell does stuff like this constantly.

And it’s not just Donovan. The entire team is filled with high character guys who bless the Salt Lake valley and all of Utah. Has there ever been a Jazz team so easy to root for?

The G-League draft is Oct. 20th and the Salt Lake City Stars hold the #1 pick.

Finally that #1 pick we’ve always coveted!

Pro Basketball Talk talked about the Jazz and said they’d have a triumphant season.

In it they claim the Jazz may be the second best team in the NBA. Do you agree?

Utah might be the NBA’s second-best team (behind the Warriors, of course). The Celtics, Rockets, Raptors, 76ers and Thunder are also in the discussion. But don’t count out the Jazz, who spent to keep a good thing going.