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Utah Jazz: The Boys are Back in Town

Yesterday was Media Day and more in today’s Downbeat

Yesterday brought great news for Utah Jazz fans. The boys are back in town! If you missed any of the action, Mychal gave us a great review that you can find right here. I won’t go into too much detail here because there was just too much goodness.

I think one of my favorite quotes may have come from Quin Snyder. He mentioned how much they wanted to keep this group together and how important he and Dennis Lindsey believe that consistency can be. That can come with a risk though. Some guys may get complacent and be content with where this team is at right now. Quin is not content.

He’s happy with the progress this team has made and how good they were last year. He’s proud of their defensive identity and the grit they play with. He’s satisfied with the player development happening and their incredible comeback last year. But he isn’t finished.

Coach Snyder has bigger plans for this group, and he wanted them all back to finish the job. He thinks this defense can be “elite”. I wasn’t aware that the defense wasn’t elite last year, so I’m a little terrified by what might be his vision for this team.

What was your favorite moment or quote from yesterday’s media day?

The Ringer continues their preseason NBA work, recently having ranked the best front court duos in the western conference:

8. Utah Jazz—Rudy Gobert and Jae Crowder

Gobert and Derrick Favors is a better regular season combination than many of the pairings ahead of them on this list. The problem is there’s no way the two can stay on the floor together against the Warriors and the Rockets, which is one reason why the Jazz have an 1-8 playoff record against those two teams over the last two seasons. Utah head coach Quin Snyder will give Crowder the first crack at the 4 when they go small, but he will have a lot of options at the position.

While Crowder is a battle-tested veteran who knows where to be on both ends of the floor, he doesn’t have great size or athleticism, and he only shot 37 percent from the field in 38 regular-season and playoff games with the Jazz last season. The most interesting option is moving Joe Ingles, an incredibly versatile player, from the 3 to the 4 in order to put more athletic wings around him. No matter what Snyder decides, Utah’s fate will come down to Gobert and whether he can find a way to be a positive against lineups that play five 3-point shooters at a time.

Yeah, I’m not buying it. LeMarcus Aldridge and Rudy Gay are really better than Rudy and whoever else is even on the court at any given time? You’d rather have Marc Gasol and Jaren Jackson Jr. next year? Get outta here! I’ll take the DPOY and Derrick Favors any day. Add in that I can rotate Jae Crowder and/or Thabo Sefolosha with either of those 2? Yes please!

We’ve got plenty of action over in the FanPosts this week! Well done everyone!

notajazzfan (those exist?!) wonders if Rudy Gobert is the Last True Center:

Recently, released its top 100 ranked players with Rudy Gobert at No. 15. Many could argue that Gobert is an underrated defender, or on the other side, was placed too high on the list. But, as for me personally, I think he fit in well.

nkeith needs some help in knowing where to live near the Salt Lake Valley. I’m going to go ahead and include the whole post to ensure proper context for comments in today’s downbeat:

My wife and I have been strongly considering moving to the greater Salt Lake City area at some point in our future. While I still wouldn’t say it’s in the immediate near future, we are now planning on moving out there sometime within the next year (definitely before next fall). We get on Zillow and other real estate websites from time to time just to see what the market looks like in different areas. Our budget is in the low $200k’s, and I would like to not live too terribly far from Vivint Arena because we will definitely be going to Jazz games. We won’t become season ticket holders, but I’m sure I will purchase a few ticket packages and some single games. It looks like Ogden and Logan have decent home prices and isn’t too far away from the Viv to make the trip. I wanted to know if anyone who lives around SLC or has lived in different areas out there could shed any advice for a house-hunting Jazz fan? It’s only my wife and I and a dog and 2 cats - no plans for children. What are the nice areas that aren’t too expensive? Thanks.

chappell18 wonders which former Jazz Player should have their jersey retired?

With the story of Deron Williams apologizing to Jerry Sloan coming out recently, there have been a few Jazz fans out there exclaiming their love for Deron, and even going so far as to suggest that his jersey should be retired.

Personally, I would love it if the Jazz created a Utah Jazz Ring of Honor. Some players absolutely deserve high recognition for what they accomplished as a Jazzman, but a jersey retirement may not be fully justified. Guys like Andrei Kirilenko, Mehmet Our, Bryon Russell, etc.

And finally Ethan Renshaw looks into Donovan Mitchell’s insane 4th quarter numbers:

All of us here at SLC Dunk know that stats don’t tell the whole story. I’d like to propose a slightly different maxim- no one stat can tell the whole story. Digging a little deeper into the nitty gritty of the numbers almost always ends up confirming what the eye test makes obvious. So today we’ll be taking a deep dive into the numbers that show just how special Donovan Mitchell was as a closer in his rookie year

We got some unfortunate news at Media Day yesterday. It looks like Raul Neto will miss training camp due to a hamstring injury.

That guy has had some unfortunate luck recently, but continues to battle through it and help where he can. Get better quick Howl!

As if Donovan Mitchell hadn’t received enough attention over the summer, he makes yet another front page. Eastbay made him their newest cover athlete!

You’d think I’d be used to this by now, but I’m not even close. And in 10 years when he’s won an MVP and brought a couple titles to Utah, I still won’t be used to it.