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Donovan Mitchell doesn’t care for your superteam

NBA: Utah Jazz at Golden State Warriors Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

We live in a fascinating time to watch the NBA. Superstars dominate the league. The overall talent in the league has never been higher, with incredible amounts of skill, athletecism, and flash being displayed on every single NBA team. One of the more interesting developments of our day is the convergence of these superstars onto single NBA teams, into so-called “superteams”. Moreso than ever before, stars around the league are joining forces at an attempt to win a ring. We saw it years ago with the Boston Celtics and their “Big Three”. We then saw it with the Heat and LeBron’s infamous Decision. After Kevin Durant, and most recently DeMarcus Cousins joined the Golden State Warriors, we’ve seen the most stacked team the league has ever seen in terms of superstars on a single team.

Many belive these superteams are bad for the NBA. The lack of parity throughout the NBA has raised some concern, as the Golden State Warriors have dominated the league for the last several years, winning three of the last four NBA titles. Is there hope for other NBA teams, especially those in smaller sports markets? There is. And it lies right here in Utah, on the shoulders of Donovan Mitchell.

In an Q&A session with EastbayBlog, Mitchell answered a question regarding superteams, and how he views them as an NBA player. His response should give a sense of hope for all anti-superteamers everywhere.

This is a bold take from Mitchell, and automatically makes the assumption that he believes he can actually beat them. It’s quite refreshing to see a future superstar want to stand up to the collective stardom joining forces across the league and want to beat them. Can Donovan Mitchell and the Jazz play the role of superteam slayers this season? He thinks they can. And if Donovan thinks they can, then so do I.

Gordon Hayward made an appearance on Barstool Sports’ ‘Pardon My Take’ podcast, and made some pretty interesting comments while on the show.

I feel like I’ve already used enough of my words talking about Gordon Hayward over the last year, so for more details on these comments you may refer to this. I’ll just say this: I can’t wait until November 9th.

You’ve probably seen Donovan Mitchell around different parts of the state during the last little bit. He explained his reasoning behind attending various activites in the state and what it means to him personally.

Donovan is just the best.

Adding to the first item of today’s downbeat, Rudy Gobert also commented recently on the importance of not just winning a ring, but earning it.

It’s a pretty simple concept. If you want a ring, you might as well just go to the jewelry store and buy it. Or join the Warriors.

It’s not every day the Jazz are featured in an NBA merchandise ad.

These New Era NBA Authentics look pretty sweet.