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The Eye of the Spida: Donovan Mitchell is taking games over again

The second half and fourth quarter has become the spida web in recent games

NBA: Orlando Magic at Utah Jazz Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Remember last season when Donovan Mitchell would get that “look” in his eye? Remember when he would going on crazy scoring runs and put the Jazz on his back? Well, if you don’t remember (first of all, I’m sorry because those are great memories), Mitchell has gotten back to his ways of taking games over lately. More so than at any other point in this season, it looks like Mitchell finally has his mojo back, and last night was a prime example. Despite a slow start, both for the Jazz and for Mitchell, Spida scored a pretty efficient 33 points as they climbed out of a giant hole and got a victory at home.

There was a moment in the third quarter, where visibly, you could see Mitchell flip the switch. In the last 18 minutes of the game last night, Mitchell scored 20 points, dished out 4 assists and grabbed 3 rebounds. Take a look at the lead tracker and see if you can match up where this run took place.

Mitchell was incredibly under control during this stretch, shooting 7-10 from the field, and not committing any turnovers. He was hitting threes, tough shots at the rim, and finding his teammates for buckets as well.

“Takeover Don” needs to be a thing. It’s a terrible nickname, I’ll admit, but there needs to be some type of nickname given to Mitchell when he flips this switch and starts taking games over. I’ll accept nominations in the comments section.

Over the last four games Mitchell is averaging 26 points per game on 47 percent shooting, as well as 54 percent from three (white guy blinking GIF). The Jazz are 3-1 during this time with the only loss coming in Milwaukee. Mitchell is back, and it’s glorious and I hope it stays.

The Jazz got off to a dreadful start last night against the Magic, and things were looking ugly. Fortunately for all of us, the Jazz kicked it into gear and got the W. But Joe Ingles said he noticed some boos coming from fans and one point in the game, and didn’t really hold back on what he thought.

You gotta love the honesty from Joe here. It’s just who he is. I don’t think he meant any harm or disrespect by calling out the booers, he just simply said what he thought. Here’s the full quote.

Congrats to Derrick Favors, who moved into fifth place in total rebounds in franchise history! Only 10,628 more to catch Karl. You got it Faves.

Jazz legends Mark Eaton and Ron Boone have been nominated as candidates for the 2019 class of the Basketball Hall of Fame. It would be awesome to see more Jazz men get this incredible recognition of a lifetime.

Check out these interesting charts of NBA strength of schedules for this season.

The Jazz are an obvious choice for steepest decline going forward, which is great news for Jazz fans. The wins should really start piling on as the schedule eases up, even with the recent injuries.