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Joe Ingles is the key to winning for the Utah Jazz

It’s also Donovan Mitchell appreciation day because I say so

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NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Utah Jazz Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

If you didn’t already know, Joe Ingles is the key to the Utah Jazz making the playoffs and advancing once they’re there.

Last night against the Toronto Raptors, Ingles shot 0/5 from three. In a close loss, you really feel those misses. Ingles is typically a 40% three point shooter and so when he doesn’t hit his typical 2/5 from three, the Jazz have a hard time finding efficient offense from other places.

Don’t believe me? In the loss to Philadelphia, Ingles was held to 13 shooting from three and 4/12 from the field. In the loss to the Thunder he was a solid 3/8 from three but only 5/12 from the field overall. In the recent loss to the Rockets, Ingles was 14 from three and 2/6 from the field. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Part of the issue is that the Jazz are not getting enough efficient scoring outside of Ingles from other positions. Either the other players on the team need to score more effectively to force teams to guard them, or this trend is going to continue.

Donovan Mitchell arrived to play Toronto supporting former Louisville quarterback and current Baltimore Ravens star, Lamar Jackson.

It’s so easy to root for a guy who so willingly roots for others. I know who I’ll be supporting in the playoffs this year!

The countdown is on until the D.O.N. 1’s come out. Till then we’ll have to enjoy all the other incredible Adidas shoes that Donovan Mitchell wears in-game.

I personally am very happy that players are being given the chance to wear shoes that allow them to express themselves. Also, to me, any chance to get flashes of color on the court is always a visual win.

It was especially cold outside this morning and I could have used a warm hoodie to make the commute a little better. Maybe I should have thought about buying the new Donovan Mitchell adidas hoodie?! How silly of me!

I need to change my non Donovan Mitchell hoodie wearing ways, and so should you!

If you didn’t know, Rudy Gobert should be an all-star.

Considering all the issues the Jazz have had this season, the fact that Utah is still in the playoff picture is a testament to how good he’s been.

If you haven’t voted for Rudy Gobert as an all-star yet, why not?

You can submit your vote here!