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Donovan Mitchell: A superstar in every way

What did we ever do to deserve him?

Utah Jazz v Detroit Pistons Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Another night, another monster performance from Donovan Mitchell. Another game that makes you laugh inside and say “holy crap, he is so good”. There were multiple moments during last night’s game against the Nuggets that I found myself thinking those exact words. Just like he has in so many games this season, especially lately, Mitchell took the game over in the second half on the way to another W.

Mitchell became the first Jazz man since Karl Malone to post back-to-back 35+ point games. He’s having the best month of his short NBA career, averaging 28 points per game on 46/42/80 percentage splits. He’s single-handedly won the Jazz ball games on a nicely-timed streak that has placed them back in playoff position. On the court, Donovan Mitchell is a superstar.

But guess what, that’s not all. That’s not even half of everything that makes Mitchell a superstar.

Mitchell inked another big-time endorsement, this time from BODYARMOR sports supplement. Kobe Bryant welcomed him to the squad that contains athletes like James Harden, Mike Trout, Dustin Johnson, Andrew Luck and more.

He also helped advertise Adidas’ first laceless sneaker.

These two releases yesterday highlight several big-time endorsements that Mitchell has gotten in just a season and a half in the NBA. He became one of only a handful of NBA players with his own shoe deal which will release later this year. Everyone wants a piece of Donovan Mitchell.

There’s more.

Maybe the best part about Donovan is the way he interacts with his fans. He seems to be giving away sneakers before each game now days, which I think is an awesome way to start a night of basketball. He’s always inviting kids to come on the court and shoot around with him while talking with them like they are just another one of his good buddies.

Last night, Mitchell also met up again with Maya Hafen, a young girl who a year ago was able to meet Donovan right in the middle of her cancer treatment. The Jazz put together a great story and video capturing the moment.

It’s things like this that, for me, make the difference for an NBA star. Mitchell just seems to get it. He seems to always say the right things, act the right way, and help the right people. He just gets it, and it’s something it looks like he was born with.

Donovan Mitchell is a superstar in every way. No matter which may you look at it, he is. He dominates games on the court. He’s shining bright in the lights of corporate sponsorship and endorsement deals. He connects with the fans in a very unique way. He lifts the community around him. Donovan is perfect, and he’s all ours.

Remember the Skills Competition Petition that Yahoo NBA was trying to put on to get Joe Ingles in All-Star Weekend. It was all in vain.

Ingles deserves a rest and some time with his young family. He’s been logging major minutes with the Jazz’s shortage of point guards, and done an excellent job holding the team together offensively even though his box scores might not show it every night. Whatever Joe wants, Joe gets. Give the man some rest and relaxation with his fam.

ICYMI, there was quite the rumble last night. One Jazz fan was caught on TV being quite the good citizen, trying to restore peace in Jazz land. Pretty hilarious stuff.

Some nights the Jazz are on from three-point land. Last night was one of those nights. They set a franchise record for most threes in a half with 13.

They finished 19/46 on what was a great night shooting the basketball.

Always gotta plug in Jazz guys doing good, so here’s this.