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Jazz President responds to fan outcry over ticket price increase

After heavy criticism from fans and season ticket holders, Steve Starks comments on price increases.

Utah Jazz Commitment to Service Photo by Melissa Majchrzak/NBAE via Getty Images

In case you missed the drama yesterday, the Utah Jazz notified season ticket holders of increases in ticket prices- some by very considerable amounts. This led to some obvious outcry on Twitter from these fans, and caught traction pretty quickly throughout the entire fanbase and media.

This is an example of one of the price increases one ticket-holder experienced, and you can see it’s not too far from triple the current amount. Increasing prices are simply a part of life and our world today unfortunately, but this seems quite extreme. This response was coupled with dozens of other tweets and messages tagging Jazz President Steve Starks, who commented on the increases and his level of concern regarding the feelings of his customers.

His message: “We’re not concerned”. The ticket increase is one thing, but this response, to me, is another. This was pretty insensitive coming from a guy who is usually very customer-oriented and self-aware of his client base. It sends the message that they don’t really care about the people’s concerns. There was also one example of this “reaching out to people directly” thing, and it wasn’t too impressive.

All things considered, this wasn’t a good move by the Jazz organization. Especially coming at a time when the Jazz have been near the cellars of the Western Conference standings and under .500 for almost two months. It’s tough being a business owner and making these types of decisions. It’s arguable to say what’s best for the Jazz organization. But it’s not arguable to say that they didn’t handle this situation the best, and that might turn out to hurt them in the long run.

The Jazz play in Cleveland tomorrow night in a matchup with former players Rodney Hood and Alec Burks.

Feels like Rodney could definitely go off for 40 or so. Should be a fun game, and one the Jazz should walk away with a win in hand.

Russell Westbrook channeled his inner-Gobzilla last night and punched some cups off the scorer’s table. Rudy, however, was not impressed. Russ’ swipe wasn’t quite as powerful as Rudy’s, and he as not assessed a technical foul like Gobert was.

Conrad Burry, the NBA Jersey guru, released his ideas for the 2019-20 classic edition. His rendition for the Jazz would make all of our wildest dreams comes true.

The blue and purple mountain throwbacks have to happen. They just have to. It’s the best jersey the Jazz have ever had.

Joe Ingles is finally getting the respect he deserves, and got a nice little mixtape highlight video from this season courtesy of the official NBA twitter account.