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Purple Throwbacks are the favorite jerseys of the year.

Should they be here to stay?

Utah Jazz v Detroit Pistons Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The Utah Jazz donned their beautiful purple throwbacks again this week. I’d say they’ve been a pretty big hit this year. The City gradient jersey, on the other hand, was so popular last year that the Jazz brought them back again a 2nd year. But which jersey is best? I decided to leave that up for Jazz twitter to decide.

The poll is still live, so if you haven’t voted yet be sure to make your voice heard! BTW, the winner so far is 100% accurate. I’d be ok if they stayed forever.

The Pick and Roll caught up with Joe Ingles this year to talk about his increased versatility this year.

“The biggest difference from last year is being known a little bit,” Ingles told The Pick and Roll. “In the first couple of years, I could just stand there and get wide open looks but then obviously the more you are around and the more you play, teams scout you.”

Ingles is now taking 36% of his field goal attempts within 10 feet of the rim, up from 24% last season. In raw terms, that only equates to an extra 1.3 shots per game but the impact is noticeable. Much of the uptick is attributable to shots off the dribble, especially when opponents scramble to prevent his outside shot.

That’s something I’ve noticed this year as well. He’s been surprisingly effective driving to the rim and finishing so slowly people didn’t realize what was going on. We love our Aussie here in Jazzland!

cchappell18 brings us another downbeat, looking at how the Jazz can make a trade with the Wizards:

Among Jazz fans, Otto Porter has been the most talked about. Here’s why, he is the youngest of the three, he is able to play the power forward position, he is the best defender, and the best 3 point shooter (although Beal is an excellent shooter as well).

Now let’s look at Beal. Bradley Beal was an all star last year. Why? Because he scores really really well. Beal is a high efficiency scorer.

How could the Jazz get either one of these guys? ...

ajdenholm gives everyone advice and a link on how to become a digital nomad (it basically means earning a living abroad or from a remote location.)

And supernintendochalmers looks at 3 ways to improve through free agency and trades:

1. Sign a Big Free Agent ...

2. Swap Rubio/Favors for Two Solid Starters ...

3. Operate over the cap ...

Kyle Korver gave some very interesting and valuable insight in a post game interview last week. Here’s the interview:

This isn’t really something I had thought about until he pointed it out so blatantly. Being the face of a franchise is a heavy burden. So much so that a certain former player bailed to get out from under the weight. Said player was given 4-5 years to grow into that roll, while Donovan was thrown into the deep end basically as a rookie. I can’t wait to watch him take on that role with incredible and everlasting success. And if you’re at all worried, check out Andy’s article on Mitchell here.

Tom Screamodeau was ousted in Minnesota (probably 1-2 years too late). The Timberwolves is Ricky Rubio's prior team, and his agent had a little something to say about the firing.

Ricky gave Minnesota some fun moments during his tenure there, despite never being given enough talent for a winning team. His situation wasn’t handled well in the end, and then a player that later demanded a trade wouldn’t even allow him back in his old locker room. I know Rubio has been a divisive player at times this year, but I’m glad he’s found an organization and home in the Utah Jazz that will take care of and appreciate him.