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Best and worst case scenarios for Jazz players: part 3

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How good will Utah’s big 3 actually be?

NBA: Playoffs-Utah Jazz at Houston Rockets Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Ingles

Best Case: Finals MVP

Worst Case: Worn down in the playoffs

There’s a lot of ways to describe Joe Ingles’ game. But of everything you could say, it can be boiled down to a simple phrase. He gets you the win.

Ingles is the hipster basketball fan’s favorite player.

At first glance his stats, and his overall look, don’t blow you away. But when you look at things like his percentages, or offensive swing when he’s on and off the floor it changes your mind. Then when you see his highlights dripping with the swagger of Tyler Durden in Fight Club, he becomes your favorite player.

We could talk a lot about the different things, and players, that could make a difference this season. But if Ingles has a great season, not a lot else matters because Ingles changes games in such a positive way.

Since becoming a more consistent starter, Ingles has been a major part of the Jazz’s consecutive years of playoff appearances. This season, with all the additional talent, he may be a part of a championship run.

Rudy Gobert

Best Case: All-Star, All NBA, MVP votes

Worst Case: Snubbed again

Much like Ingles, if you only focus on the box score, and the few times the Jazz are on TNT or ESPN, you don’t always realize just how dominant Rudy Gobert is.

The last two seasons, the Jazz have been a playoff team without an all-star. And those haven’t been they type of runs where they snuck their way into an eighth seed. The Jazz have comfortably made the playoffs the last three seasons and the consistent factor in all of those runs has been the Stifle Tower.

Whatever you do this season, don’t let outside opinions lie to you about Gobert’s ability to stay on the floor against teams with multiple shooters. He’s been able to do it his entire career and has gotten even better the last two seasons.

The problem the Jazz have had has been offense. Now that the Jazz have addressed the offensive issues, Gobert has a chance to show off his defensive prowess like never before. If the Jazz can find themselves with top ten offense and defense, it will be because of Gobert and, because of that, should merit some MVP votes.

2019-20 Utah Jazz Media Day Photo by Melissa Majchrzak/NBAE via Getty Images

Donovan Mitchell

Best Case: All-Star, All NBA, MVP Votes

Worst Case: Inefficiency sets in and he’s not able to improve, even with more space

There will be no greater bellwether for the Jazz this season than Donovan Mitchell. Dennis Lindsey and Justin Zanik have reduced the variance of outcomes this year by adding Mike Conley and Bojan Bogdanovic, but the goal of this season isn’t to just make the playoffs but win a title. The key to that is Donovan Mitchell.

If Mitchell takes a step back on offense the Jazz will be fine. He’s an underrated defender and passer who’s willing to take the end of the clock shot no one else will. The thing is, the Jazz aren’t content with being just fine this year.

But if Mitchell takes a step up in efficiency, a championship is not out of the question. Everything is set up for Mitchell to take that leap too. He has more space than he’s ever had along with a surplus of wing creators and shooters.

It’s all up to him.

The good news? Mitchell is as hard a worker as anyone out there and if there was any player in the league you’d be comfortable putting money on that they’d take a leap, it’d be him.

Utah Jazz v Milwaukee Bucks Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images