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The stars have aligned for the Utah Jazz to have their best chance at a title ever

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But can they take advantage?

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Portland Trail Blazers v Utah Jazz Photo by Melissa Majchrzak/NBAE via Getty Images

One of me any my wife’s favorite pastimes is watching way too much reality TV. Whether it’s a trashy trainwreck like Temptation Island or another formulaic, yet always exciting, season of Survivor, we are big fans of people being pushed to their emotional limits and then lashing out in dramatic fashion.

Although, what makes for great TV doesn’t make for a winning basketball team. For example, look at what’s happening with the Knicks in preseason. Because New York’s offseason consisted of signing every available power forward, players on the team are now already showing frustration with their current role.

If you look at Indiana there are rumblings of a possible trade including Domantas Sabonis that could shake up that team more than it already has.

In Miami Dion Waiters is being suspended for “Conduct detrimental to the team.”

The NBA regular season hasn’t even started yet.

I’m not saying that teams can’t have turmoil like this and not overcome it to win. Michael Jordan famously punched Steve Kerr in the face in practice on the way to winning a title.

But with the Jazz you’re seeing everything fall into place in every facet you need it to to have the possibility of a championship. Whether it’s team chemistry, coaching, talent or players embracing their role on the team.

Some fans have been worried that the Jazz have allowed so many points on the defensive end. Considering the Jazz had the 31st ranked defense in preseason, which ranked lower than the New Zealand Breakers of the NBL, there may be some validity. The Jazz also saw Bojan Bogdanovic hit a slump in preseason that included one game where he went 0-9.

But the Jazz don’t seems worried. When Asked about Bogdanovic’s struggles, Rudy Gobert spoke with conviction and confidence that he’ll be fine.

Obviously the ideal thing would be the Jazz having a great in preseason and show out like we expect them to. I mean, maybe we expected it considering last year’s team had the #1 defense in preseason and the #3 offense. When you consider how little turnover there was last year with the continuity of the team, it probably shouldn’t have been that surprising that the team would come out and roll by teams who almost all had major turnover.

This preseason the Jazz have had to adjust to new players at major positions, the adjustment to an entirely different style of offense, teaching those players to adjust to playing with Rudy Gobert on defense, and the struggles of Bojan Bogdanovic. With all of that they ended preseason with the #4 offense. What happens when Bogdanovic finds his groove and the team finds its chemistry on defense?

Not only is the upgraded talent on the Jazz going to give them every opportunity to win, but all the players are fitting nicely into their rightful place on the team. There isn’t a player on the Jazz who isn’t going to be getting his rightful amount of minutes in the correct role. Whether it’s starting or coming off the bench. And some of that has to be a credit to the players, especially Joe Ingles.

Probably the player who could have the most to complain about coming off the bench, Ingles is the one who brought up the idea of coming off the bench to help the team. It’s a credit to Ingles as well as the culture of the team. And it’s paid off really well already with Ingles producing 9 points and 5.8 assists in 24 minutes per game on 50% shooting from the field and 47% shooting from three. Perhaps we should have a moment of silence for all the NBA’s second units having to deal with Ingles running the show.

Portland Trail Blazers v Utah Jazz Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

We’ve also seen Quin Snyder test various starting lineups that included either Royce O’neale or Jeff Green as the starting power forward. Both have done well and, to each of their credit, neither has complained. As we said last year, the strength of the team, is the team.

Finally, regarding things outside of the Jazz, things have lined up nicely for a possible title run. There isn’t an unbeatable juggernaut like the Golden State Warriors standing in the way. There are teams like the Clippers who will be an incredibly tough out for anyone in the league, but no one considers them unbeatable like the Warriors have seemed the last few seasons with Kevin Durant.

That’s why we may be seeing the season the Jazz’s best opportunity for a title in the history of the team. Including with Stockton and Malone because those guys always had that Jordan guy waiting for them.

The planets have aligned just right for Utah, can they make it happen?