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Joe Ingles credits his wife Renae for keeping him in the NBA

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Renae Ingles is the reason we have our beloved Aussie sharpshooter on the Utah Jazz

Super Netball Rd 14 - Thunderbirds v Magpies Photo by James Elsby/Getty Images

Have you ever heard the saying “behind every good man, there’s a great woman”? Well, it manifested itself once again this week, this time in direct relation to the Utah Jazz. Joe Ingles, international superstar and Utah Jazz phenom, wrote a first-hand testimony of how much his wife, Renae, has meant to him over the years, and how she ultimately is the reason he is able to play out his dream of being an NBA player. This open letter was published on

Joe talks about how he learned self-belief from Renae, along with other things like commitment, intensity, and being a good teammate. All of the things Joe has shown us before, we just didn’t realize it actually came from Renae. Joe told the story of how they ment, and went into detail on Renae’s journey to become a professional netball player, and fulfilling her dream of playing for the national team.

He talked about her great sacrifice of becoming a mother. Something as he describes as “the greatest thing that ever happened”, but yet one of the hardest, most difficult things they went through. As a parent myself, and for all of the parents out there, this somehow makes sense how something can be the best, yet hardest thing in the world. Kids are just that. Joe writes about how how it was for Renae to step away from her dream to raise their children, and how amazing it was seeing her come back just six months later.

After Renae decided to make a return to netball after the kids were born, Joe explains that he was ready to quit the NBA, move to Australia to be with the family and play in the NBL. But, Renae wasn’t having it.

I was over the moon for her and said, honestly: ‘I’ll just quit the NBA and play in the NBL, we’ll have the kids in Australia, and at least we’ll both get to play professionally’. But it never came to that. She wouldn’t allow it. Renae didn’t want me to give up my dream of playing in the NBA.

If it got to that point, it would have been something I would have done. I would have come back to Australia, and we both could have played. But, as it is out there on the netball court, Renae is a selfless person who has sacrificed so much so I can play in the NBA.

Two things here. Number one, how awesome is Joe Ingles? At the peak of his NBA career, just when his team is starting to make some noise and get really good, he’s ready to hang it all up for his family. That’s pretty freaking cool. Number two, how amazing is Renae?? Telling him that no matter what, he was going to live out his dream. Renae, much like many mothers, wives, and women everywhere, is just incredible. The selflessness to be able to do that is pretty unbelievable. Shoutout to Renae Ingles, you the real MVP.

This open letter from Joe Ingles is a must-read for Jazz fans everywhere. Especially if you are a fan that likes to get to know the players on a personal level, this is absolutely required reading. Major props to Renae and Joe Ingles, and their family. Glad we have you in Utah, and we hope we have you forever and ever.