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Interesting notes from Salt Lake City Stars Media Day

It’s gonna be a great year for the Stars!

2019-2020 Salt Lake City Stars Media Day Photo by Melissa Majchrzak/NBAE via Getty Images

With such promising season for the Utah Jazz happening, it makes for a really interesting season for the Stars. With the expectations so high, it makes the road to a roster spot a little more difficult for rookies to break into the roster. And that means getting a chance to see some more high level talent on display with the g-league.

Here are some interesting notes from who we interviewed about that, and what to expect this season with the Stars.

Jarrell Brantley

Brantley, who is as physically imposing as you’d expect, talked about being ready when the opportunity is there. It’s clear that Brantley is focused on getting into the league as quickly as possible.

Of the three Jazz rookies, Brantley was most peoples pick to be the one that made the roster. He shows an impressive skillset combined with great physical tools and athleticism. What he needs is experience in the league and the G-league should help him with that while he is on his 2-way contract.

Justin Wright-Foreman

Wright-Foreman is a fun guy to talk to. He has a personality that draws you in and makes you root for him. Wright-Foreman told us he’s looking to improve his game, especially his playmaking while also continuing to score the ball.

He also talked about how much players like Donovan Mitchell and Mike Conley have helped him. He said that we don’t see it but in practice those guys have helped him a lot by pulling him aside to give him advice on how to improve.

It’s great to hear how much Jazz players help each other, especially rookies. This isn’t always the case in a league where everyone’s competing for a roster spot.

Wright-Foreman also talked about just how quickly the Jazz get their rookies to work and get down to developing. The Jazz waste no time when it comes to development and it’s shown in the past with players like Georges Niang and Royce O’neale.

Head Coach Martin Schiller

Head coach Martin Schiller talked to us about the team and what challenges they’ll face. When I asked him about whether there would be any challenges for the Stars this season he said whether the Jazz are really good or bad there’s always challenges and the focus is the same.

This year the Jazz will see more time with some of their rookies on the Stars that might not be there if the Jazz were a worse team. My favorite quote from Schiller is that he thinks that Miye Oni can be the next Royce O’neale in that he can develop and then contribute on the Jazz eventually.

Speaking of Miye Oni. We didn’t get a chance to interview him but I did see him walking by and he is surprisingly big. Those physical tools are very apparent and there’s no reason he can’t develop into a future core piece for the Jazz.