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5 Potential Ways to Address the Utah Jazz Frontcourt Depth

Trade Season is fast approaching

NBA: Los Angeles Clippers at Utah Jazz Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The Utah Jazz were the first to jump into the trade action this season with the acquisition of Jordan Clarkson. Early results would indicate that this move will pay dividends for the Jazz bench. However, I don’t think the Utah front office is done making moves.

The summer signing of Ed Davis has not panned out as expected. His skill set, which is absolutely NBA-level, does not appear to fit Quin Snyder’s offensive or defensive schemes. So I did what every rational Jazz fan would do. I put on my GM cap and fired up the trade machine.

With this exercise, I’m assuming that Ed Davis is on the move. I’m also assuming that Jordan Clarkson will not be flipped (he can’t be packaged with other players). With the Clarkson addition, I also feel like Mudiay is somewhat redundant, so he’s often involved.

Trade #1 with the Heat

Leonard is a starter for Miami, but only playing 19 minutes per game. Why trade him? Because the Heat are narrowly above the luxury tax line. You better believe they’ll be looking to shave off salary and save some serious money. Plus Olynyk has a similar skill set for them.

Leonard fits a need for the Jazz in a stretch big with some length. Joe Ingles would be able to work some pick and pops with him just fine. Myers is also a respectable rebounder, something the Jazz struggle with when Rudy isn’t on the floor.

Trade #2 with the Pistons

Bradley and Thon were added to the trade to make the salaries work. The Pistons are currently 11th in the East and could be looking to shift gears and get value out of Morris before he opts out of his deal and leaves for nothing. Getting a young developing center in Bradley might be what they look for over future draft pick compensation.

For the Jazz, they add a solid power forward that bolsters their bench. Morris plays hard and could fill a need at the power forward position. His toughness could give the Jazz an edge, and like his twin brother Markieff is suddenly a 3 point shooter as well.

Trade #3 with the Suns

With DeAndre Ayton back from suspension (albeit currently injured) and Aaron Baynes playing so well, the Suns might have too many centers at this point. They might be willing to swap excess C depth for power forward and guard depth instead. I think they get good value out of Kaminsky here.

Kaminsky is having a solid season for Phoenix this year, averaging 11 points and 5 rebounds. He also looks improved defensively and stretches the floor well for a 7 footer. While he hasn’t lived up to the expectations of the 9th overall pick, he could be help for the Jazz bench down low.

Trade #4 with the Timberwolves

I’m not confident the Jazz actually have the assets to get this one done. I do think RoCo gets moved before the deadline and I’m interested in his price tag. The Timberwolves desperately need some shooting, so Niang would be an attractive option for them. In fact, CanisHoopus has him listed as a potential target. The draft pick compensation might get too pricey for the Jazz, as I’d expect the Timberwolves would want a 1st rounder.

Covington would fit Utah like a glove. He would definitely raise the ceiling of the team as a shooting 4 that defends well. I’ve coveted Covington for some time now. Sorry not sorry for the forced pun.

Trade #5 with the Kings

Alright so I’m cheating a bit and doing 2 trade options here. Dedmon is understandably asking for a way out of Sacramento. On one hand, his play from his Hawks days would work well in Utah. And that’s honestly how he should be judged. On the other hand, he’s making too much money to be a backup center. I’m not convinced this would be the right move, but I wouldn’t hate it.

I’d much prefer a move for Nemanja Bjelica. I really wanted him this summer if I’m being honest. I think he’d be like Niang, just significantly better. I see this trade as the best balance between realistic and impactful. The Jazz probably have to throw in a 2nd rounder or so to get this one done.

Bonus Trade Ideas

  • Washington receives: Davis, Mudiay, draft pick (protected first rounder?)
  • Utah receives: Davis Bertans

  • Atlanta receives: Davis and Mudiay
  • Utah receives: Jabari Parker

  • New Orleans receives: Davis and Mudiay
  • Utah receives: E’Twaun Moore and Jahlil Okafor

Feel free to discuss all of these amongst yourselves. I’m interested to hear your thoughts and any other ideas you may have! Ready go!!