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The Jazz are “low”, but it’ll go up from here

Jazz have lost 5 of 6, but not all hope is lost (at least for now)

NBA: Utah Jazz at Philadelphia 76ers Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Utah Jazz are 12-10. They’ve lost 5 of their last 6 games, and have failed to really even compete in 4 of them. After the Jazz had their best start in over a decade, they’ve taken some steps back and have many questioning how good this team really is.

After an embarrassing loss to the Lakers last night, Jeff Green admitted that the Jazz are low. It would be concerning if any of the Jazz players didn’t also think the same, but it was a little refreshing to see a player admit to the frustration surrounding the last couple of games for the Jazz.

So, where do the Jazz go from here? Looking at a few different factors, the most probable answer is definitely up. Starting Saturday night at home vs. Memphis, the Jazz will play 18 of their next 22 games against teams that currently have a losing record. The four games against teams with winning records are Minnesota, Miami, Clippers and Pacers, which you would think are games the Jazz would have a shot to win as well. Here’s the other games they play in that span: Grizzlies, Thunder, Warriors, Magic,@ Hawks, @ Hornets, Blazers, Pistons, @ Bulls, @ Magic, @ Pelicans, Knicks, Hornets, @ Wizards, @ Nets, @ Pelicans, Kings. Winning fixes everything. Over the next 45 days the Jazz *should* be able to really figure things out and win a lot of ball games.

Unfortunately these slow starts are something that Jazz fans are used to, and this year might not be much different:

Fortunately, the Jazz over the past few seasons have been a very strong second-half of the season team. If you’re like me though, this doesn’t make you feel that much better. This Jazz team was expected to be a title contender. Playing bad teams is great, and will for sure help their record and get them into the playoffs. It will help them find a groove and start playing better as a team.

Things will go up. But ultimately, when the Jazz clash with a good team in the playoffs, what team are we going to see? The Jazz have played one of the hardest schedules in the NBA to date, and that is a legitimate reason why they are 12-10. But you would hope that they would at least compete against good teams during a slump.

Things are low for the Jazz right now, but it’ll go up. This schedule they are facing will be great to help them find their identity and improve as a team. We’ll see if it will help them find themselves and get them playing like the team we all thought they were going to be.