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NBA All Star Weekend with(out) the Utah Jazz

Jazzmen are having fun on (and off) the court.

IG/Rudy Gobert

If this one of my Downbeats of the past, my title would appropriately be called “The Downbeat: The One where Neto gets Jealous”.

To get us started, let’s catchup on what our Jazz players were doing this weekend.

First, with something serious and special:

Joe Ingles and his wife, Renae, started the break by sharing something very personal with the public. They shared that their son, Jacob, is on the Autism Spectrum. Read about their beautiful account of his diagnosis, their struggles, and the strength they find in each other and their family.

It looks like they are also supporting Jacob outwardly:

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Jazz fans are blessed to have a player like Joe Ingles on the team. Not only does he bring a high basketball IQ and talent to the court, he brings a much needed down to earth humanness off the court.

Let’s catch up with other Jazz players:

Rudy Gobert, who should have been spending this weekend in North Carolina, was instead on a beautiful beach:

Later this weekend we found out who else on the Jazz was hanging out with him on this beautiful beach:

Looks like Rudy and Dante are having a good time! But where is Rudy’s usual Jazz travel buddy, Raul Neto?

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Making new friends in Mexico

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I don’t know, maybe Raul is with Rudy and Dante. If not, hence my title: “The One where Neto gets Jealous.”

Thabo is enjoying time with his family:

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It’s a Flex..

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Jae Crowder has a beautiful post about his mother:

It seems like our players are enjoying their rest and time off.

One Jazz player didn’t have a weekend off but he still had plenty of fun. Donovan Mitchell of course was part of the World vs USA game on Friday. He had an amazing game finishing with 20 points and 9 assists!

Donovan talks about the expectations going into the season and what to expect the second half:

What are your expectations post All-Star break?