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The Utah Jazz are players in free agency

This isn’t the same old Jazz any more

2019 Mtn Dew ICE Rising Stars Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

If you became a fan of the Jazz because of Donovan Mitchell you’re probably used to things happening that never happened with the Jazz before.

The Jazz have never had a player get national attention like Mitchell has in his first two years on the team. He’s gotten his own signature shoe, he’s been a guest sideline reporter for national broadcasts and he’s gotten promotional deals with countless companies on a national scale.

But those things aren’t even the most impressive thing he’s done for the Jazz. Donovan Mitchell is doing something I never thought possible, he’s making the Jazz a player in free agency.

Typically, free agency for Jazz fans is a pipe dream. It usually meant Jazz fans spent July watching the more popular teams have all the good players sign with them. Much like High School for those of us whose ancestors probably originated from the Shire ... the ugly side of the Shire.

Just like we’ve never seen a Jazz player get a signature shoe, something we’ve never seen before, we’re now seeing the Jazz mentioned in free agency rumors.

And this isn’t a small thing. There’s a legit possibility, as small as it may seem, that Tobias Harris could choose to play in Utah.

This isn’t the first time the Jazz have been a perfect landing spot for free agents. The Gordon Hayward led Jazz could have been a perfect spot for multiple free agents in the past. But that team was missing one thing, Donovan Mitchell.

If you don’t think that’s a big deal then you probably haven’t been around for trades that didn’t go through because players refused to come to Utah.

Now we have potential high level free agents posting Instagram stories hinting at possible pairings in Utah.

If by chance you are unfamiliar with Instagram that’s an Instagram story shared by both Donovan Mitchell and D’Angelo Russell featuring their respective bobble heads.

Don’t think it’s a possibility?

Just being mentioned in rumors and having this type of positive feelings towards the Jazz is a massive victory for a team that is always last on the list of potential destinations for free agents.

The Jazz are already in unfamiliar territory with possible big name free agents showing interest. If Mitchell can help bring one of these players to Utah he’ll do something Stockton and Malone never could, have a big name free agent come to Utah.