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Vegas doesn’t seem to care about the Utah Jazz and that’s okay

The next week should be a busy one for the overlooked Utah Jazz

NBA: Playoffs-Utah Jazz at Houston Rockets Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

Summertime is here, the exciting part of the offseason. The Toronto Raptors have given hope to every franchise that their day may come. If the Raptors, one of the newer franchises in the NBA can win a NBA title, why can’t we?

The field really is wide open even if the Anthony Davis trade has the media believing that the window closed for everyone not named the Los Angeles Lakers. Vegas doesn’t like Utah much historically—probably because not a lot of money to be made from Utah—and this was before the Anthony Davis trade , but that’s okay:

This week is the draft, trades are already underway. It’s unknown whether the Jazz will keep their pick or not. It could be one of the assets used to acquire a veteran point guard (once again)

Nevertheless the Jazz are doing their due diligence and have worked out around 80 prospects. Here is Walt Perrin on the draft:

So who knows what will happen this week and on Thursday. I don't know but I am super excited (yes I am prepared to be let down and have a boring draft night like last year).

Following the draft is of course free agency it begins June 30 4:00 pm MT. EEK that is so soon!

Here is a link to the free agency tracker!

Here is the page on the Utah Jazz:

The most interesting of course is Ricky Rubio. Ricky Rubio said this about his upcoming free agency (via :

“It will be very fun because I’m able to choose between many teams. But it depends on many factors because there will be many free players that will determine how the market will go. Any movement will affect the market and there will be a domino effect”

“There are teams that have a starting point guard with a contract, which I can forget, but there are others who are looking for a point guard. The priorities are to go to a team that has importance and minutes, which is set for the playoffs. This already rules out some teams”

Total playing time and a starting role seem to be important to Ricky (understandably so). It will be interesting to see what happens with Ricky.

Who will replace Ricky if he is not re-signed?

The next weeks should be exciting. The most exciting summer in a long time for the Jazz (hopefully). Remember how excited we were when KOC signed Carlos Boozer and Mehmet Okur? Geez remember how excited we were when Dennis Lindsey signed Joe Johnson?

I think we will be as excited in the next few weeks as we were when the Jazz signed Boozer and Okur. Justin and Dennis know that the window is open now. The injuries to the Warriors made it that way. Toronto proved that you go all in because you never know what can happen. Imagine if they were content with DeRozan and Lowry? They weren’t they saw an opportunity to bring in a top player (if not the top player) in the NBA. It was a huge risk, who knows what Kawhi Leonard’s plans are, but the Raptors got a championship by taking that giant risk! The Jazz need to do all they can to get that 3rd star with Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell. The time is now.