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Donovan Mitchell is Gaining Popularity

Jazz fans aren’t sure how to react

Donovan Mitchell’s summer just keeps getting better. And not just from a basketball standpoint.

Mitchell is one of the leaders for team USA this summer, which can only help him improve his game. He gets 6+ weeks of basketball tutelage from one of the best coaches of all time in Gregg Popovic. He is playing alongside great players that he can learn from and add to his game. Plus, he isn’t injured this summer, so he actually gets to practice. He’s going to be amazing with the improved talent around him on the Utah Jazz.

But Donovan Mitchell is also having a great summer off the court. His first signature shoe released this summer and it’s been a big hit!

I’ll be honest. I was nervous. Obviously I was excited to see a Jazz player getting his own show line, but I was nervous. I was scared that not enough shoes would move off the shelf and it would justify to these shoe companies that having a big time deal with a player on the Jazz doesn’t pay off.

Boy was I wrong. His shoes have barely been on the market and he’s already in the top 10. Not even all of his colorways are available and they are selling like crazy. It’s just amazing to see and I’m excited for him. This might be interesting to watch as time goes on. Will his sales push him even higher on that list?

Mitchell is also getting the love from other players and coaches. Those involved with Team USA have heaped the praise on Donovan. From his talent to his passion to his leadership. And now he’s getting props from those outside of the NBA.

Yes that’s Todd Gurley. Like the starting running back of the Super Bowl runner-ups Todd Gurley. The highest paid running back in the NFL Todd Gurley. First team all-pro Todd Gurley. Living and playing in Los Angeles Todd Gurley. Proudly donning a Donovan Mitchell jersey.

This is pretty awesome not just for Donovan Mitchell, but for the Jazz as well. That’s very unique publicity that can only be good for a player and his small market team.

What a crazy summer it’s been, and it isn’t even over. There’s bound to be some more highlight plays and great exposure for our young star as the FIBA World Cup gets underway. The same can be said of Joe Ingles and Rudy Gobert as they play for Australia and France, respectively.

I’m as ready for next season as anyone, but let’s also enjoy this rare opportunity as Jazz fans. We’ve got Donovan, Joe, and Rudy all leading their respective squads in a fun international basketball tournament. And don’t look now, but we also have this: