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Possible in-game celebration ideas for Jazz players to emulate

This season will be great, the celebrations should be too

Los Angeles Lakers v Utah Jazz Photo by Melissa Majchrzak/NBAE via Getty Images

This upcoming season for the Jazz is shaping up to be fantastic. There’s a real chance the Jazz could end up with the best record in the western conference and maybe even the league. It does feel like there is one missing piece, though. Memorable celebrations. Whther it’s a shared celebration or individual, an iconic in-game celebration would take this next Jazz season over the top.

We all remember the Rudy Gobert salute. It was great but short lived. Will it ever come back? Probably not. That makes me sad because it was perfect in its simplicity and for fans to replicate. Oh well.

But if Jazz players are looking for possible celebrations to emulate, here are some celebration ideas that could work.

The Gilbert Brown Grave Digger

Gilbert Brown, #93 of the Brett Favre era Packers, saved this celebration when he sacked the quarterback or destroyed the running back. I know we’re going across sports here but this would be the ultimate celebration if Donovan Mitchell catches a body on a dunk. How incredible would it be to not only metaphorically end the opposing defender with a dunk but then entomb their soul by digging their grave?

With the improved spacing on the Jazz there are going to be a ton of lanes to the basket and we’re going to see a huge uptick in dunks. This needs to happen.

Although this has to be saved for special occasions. It’s such a perfect celebration, you can’t just do it on any play. The dunks where everyone winces at the destruction of what they’ve seen. It’s so petty it most certainly could start a brawl, that’s why you have to keep this one like a fine wine for holidays. You can’t just do this every dunk.

The Dikembe Mutombo Finger Wag

Is there a more natural celebration for Rudy Gobert than doing the Dikembe Mutombo finger wag? If we can’t have the salute then this works.

Mutombo’s finger wag made blocks a highlight play. It gave the crowd something do alongside Mutombo after it happened.

How fun would it be if Gobert started finger wagging on each of his blocks? As the now two-time defensive player of the year Gobert has more of a right to this play than anyone in the league. If anything this should be a mantle that is carried only by the elite defensive centers in the league.

The Spiderman-Kemp hybrid

Basketball celebrations have to be quick because players have to get back on defense. Here’s another suggestion based off of the Shawn Kemp famous dunk celebration

Donovan Mitchell could take this dunk celebration but then combine it with something from Spiderman. So instead of pointing, Mitchell could do the Spiderman web sling motion. And to not be combative he doesn’t even have to point at the player. Maybe he points to the crowd? Either way this works.

There are so many fun celebrations in the league that current players use. For example the D’Angelo Russell “ice in his veins” celebration or the Jamal Murray “bow and arrow.” The more organic the celebration the better. If the Jazz could either emulate these ideas or something of their own, it would take this season over the top.

What’s your idea for a celebration?