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Have you ever wanted a personalized video from your favorite Jazzman? Now’s your chance...

Give your loved one the best give imaginable: a recorded message from Georges Niang.

If I went down this rabbit hole, so do you. There is a service called Cameo that—evidently—a few Jazz players provide services for. What is Cameo? According to the Cameo website, Cameo is “a platform where fans can book personalized video shoutouts from their favorite celebrities, athletes, or influencers.” Basically, fans can pay their favorite celebrity to make a video for them. Much to my surprise I found out while recording the SLC Punks Podcast with Mary and James that Georges Niang was on cameo. Mary had even received a Cameo video from Georges Niang. Which led me to wondering ... who else of Jazz celebrity is on the app?

Tony Bradley - Currently Unavailable

Much like his active roster status, Tony Bradley was briefly seen on Cameo before going inactive. He has one review that says, “Thank you!!!” Maybe with a better season and more minutes, Tony Bradley will make his return to Cameo’s active lineup.

Ekpe Udoh - $25

#EkpesBookClub is now #EkpesCameoClub. You can have the former backup to Rudy Gobert give you your own private Book Club excerpt reading or just say hi. The most affordable of current and past Utah Jazz players, Udoh doesn’t have a bio, but he does have a five star review that says, “Great Cameo!”

Georges Niang - $30

The OG person I found out about. His bio says, “Iowa State Alum. #CYCLONENATION” Much of the reviews say that Georges Niang has responded quickly and promptly. Some of his videos are also filmed with him shirtless. So there you go.

Enes Kanter - $50

Everybody’s favorite Jazzman, Enes Kanter, is on this app. His bio reads, “ @NBA #Live4Others {Hizmetin Hizmetkârı} @Enes_Kanter eneskanter11.” You may not like his defense, but his offense is always elite. He is hustling on this app and on the offensive. He has 37 reviews and RESPONDS WITHIN 7 DAYS.

George Hill - $75

If you still miss George Hill from his one year holiday in Utah in 2016-2017, now is your chance to finally get him to say hi. He’ll even rock a Sesame Street t-shirt for you.

Andrei Kirilenko - $100

He’s no longer sporting a mohawk—or a mustache—but you can still get the Russian Wild Horse to record a Cameo for you or your friends. He can even record it in Russian. No word yet if he’ll show off his giant dragon/World Of Warcraft back tattoo while recording. While Georges Niang is securing that bag, AK47 is giving his proceeds to charity, “President of Russian Basketball Federation, FIBA central board member, motivational speaker, father of four kids. All proceeds go to the charity!”

Miye Oni - $1,000

GET. THAT. BREAD. Miye Oni is securing that bag. He knows he needs to bring in that cash as a 2nd Round pick. He is the most expensive Utah Jazz Cameo at $1,000. His bio even reads, “know your worth baby girl.” He knows his Yale audience has that paper. He even has one review that reads, “Great Cameo!” Someone’s paid that big price. Secure that bag, Miye. Secure. That. Bag.

There you have it. The entire list. I know what you all are thinking—there’s no Kyrylo Fesenko. I’m sorry. I looked. OH GOD DID I LOOK. I wanted that so bad. I would have dropped money right then and there. In the meantime, save up those pennies for Miye Oni.